We humans are guided by an inner light. A source of life, that wants to express itself in many different ways, and experience many different things, to understand creation itself and the expansive consciousness we are all a part of.

In our everyday life, it can express itself in different ways, and it is easy to lose the thread sometimes, the one that leads us forward, if one does not build or maintain one’s inner connection with heart and soul. It’s easy to feel anxious about the unknown, and feel confused when you don’t feel or trust your own inner connection on a deeper level.

We humans are quite complex, but also very unique, depending on how you look at it. We have millions of energy threads running through us from different times and places, experiences, thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

From the outside, we cannot understand what is going on inside another person’s heart and soul. Each individual carries with them a whole spectrum of threads, which carry the person forward, or sometimes stop the flow. These dreams, fears, worries or forward thinking, are like hidden treasures that we can explore and understand.

Our underlying mystery in each individual is then opened and blooms like a flower as it is met with empathy, openness and respect, both from self and others.

Don’t judge what you don’t know about someone else. Listen. Do not believe something based on prejudice or ignorance. Ask. Don’t criticize what you yourself really need to understand. Turn it around.

Embrace life and your own inner mystery. It is an absolutely fantastic mystery that wants to live here and now.

Liselotte & the Light Team


I’m stepping into my own Vision Quest over the weekend. It will not be possible to reach me during that time. It is a time that is largely spent in nature to only go inward and to respect one’s own space. 🙏

Vision Quest’s have been performed in various ways by many different indigenous people around the world, as a sacred rite and ceremony. The purpose can be, among other things:

Receive visions and sacred knowledge
Work with spiritual guides
Gain inner strength and courage
Get clarity on various life questions
See direction in goals and purposes

During an original version of a Vision Quest, you often refrain from food and water. But I will both drink water, herbal teas and eat small light meals. In some traditions, hallucinogenic plants are also used. I have never done that, and never will. Through own inner work, no other stimulation is needed. The development takes place at the pace you are ready for, and for which you yourself take responsibility.

With patience and presence, the now is appreciated. By turning inward, one finds the gift and understanding in both possible blockages, how they can be resolved, and in the questions and answers that arise within, with the help of the spirit world, mother Earth, animals, and the cosmic spiritual guides.

I’ll tell you more next week. Wish you a nice weekend. ✨️ Lis Sunoya



We want to create space in your life, to bring home your voice and the gift of the present. We want to give you space to embrace yourself and give yourself understanding and forgiveness. Within the space of the heart where your soul seed rests, grows and blossoms, the rhythm will show you the way forward. The rhythm of the heartbeat is like the rhythm of nature. It pulses to remind you of all the life you have within you, of the natural flow and to dare to follow it.

Walls are broken down and blown away by the life force when it is sufficiently penetrating into your physical life. You are left naked and receptive. A bit shaky perhaps, but so much more honest with yourself and the life you’ve been given. When you tear down the wall, the gate is open.

Trust the magic around you and in you. There is nothing more magical than life energy. When your star power is allowed to shine beyond all barriers, fear loses its grip and you can see clearly. You are then naturally strong instead and do not need to be afraid. You can trust your vision.

What comes your way will strengthen you, not tear you down, because you have the clarity, and live through the strength that you steer in the directions that carry you. You have the gift of existing in this strength. Open up to your inner voice and the vast space where life naturally steps forth and expands. It’s time.

Lis Sunoya, Council of Light & The Earth Wisdom Keepers – For The New Golden Era



Today I asked my spiritual light guides – how can we live a multidimensional life without feeling scattered with all the different options of reality we can feel, be in touch with, or experience?

Guides answered me this: We want you to KNOW about the “multiple reality”, not change your current chosen soul experience. We are here to support you in that journey. Were you point your awareness (this part of your consciousness in this experienced life), you create ONE kind of manifested “reality”. You can be in touch with multiple dimensions and options of reality, but THIS part of you and your consciousness here and now, has a soul agreement to the whole of what you are, to experience this path, this kind of reality on Earth. In this case though, it is a reality in transition…, where you learn about the power of creation and energy.

In a higher frequency dimension, you also live with pointed awareness and create reality in that chosen life, although you “travel” in-between realities and dimensions for different purposes sometimes, to help, to gather knowledge and to develop. We are living with a consciousness of ONE, but still with chosen awareness within the lifeform we live.

Although, nothing is static for you now, all is energy. You can co-create and create different outcomes and directions within this chosen soul path on Earth. We can compare that to being given a physical body. You can use the experience of your perfect body in multiple ways, both in a constructive way when you learn things throughout life, or you can get stuck in the soul learning of experience a body, and maybe treat it like something outside of yourself. The same applies to other kinds of experiences within a chosen life. It can take different directions, depending. It is your choice what you do with your given life. There is no judgment of anything, it only is.

How to not feel scattered? By being aware of yourself, of being grounded in your body, and by living with intention.

Liselotte & The Light team


LISTENING TO THE SIGNS IN EVERYDAY LIFE – to follow the thread of life and learn to listen more subtly

Do life and the universe speak to us through signs? Perhaps you feel that it is difficult to get clear answers from your higher conscious self and your inner self, and the guidance that is given to you in life? How many times have you said: “I want clearer signs of what to do”?

One of the most common problems with not being able to listen to guidance through signs and the inner voice is that you want these to be much clearer. That requirement becomes like a mental obstacle, which blocks the feeling inside, instead of trying to trust what you are experiencing, and increases the feeling of trust in order to listen more and better.

Life creates endless opportunities to learn to listen inwardly, to become more attuned, and to be open to guidance. It’s not about placing your power outside of yourself, and trusting in something outside of yourself. You have everything within you already, and it then creates tones and effects outside of you. You have like a common thread through your life from your soul contract, which constantly helps you follow your unique life. As you walk on Earth, various questions, life crises, twist and turns, and development processes arise – and your soul and your own light team, who know your life thread, constantly help you with guidance to be able to follow it.
Sometimes that guidance takes place through signs of various kinds, often in combination with a feeling that reinforces the sign/guidance. These signs can come through words from others, through something special you are drawn to read, through meetings, through images and music, through signs in nature, through an inner feeling, etc. It can happen through synchronicities, and through opportunities where you get to know yourself and your inner voice more strongly. It can also happen via thought impulses directly from your soul consciousness or your light team.

So, how do you better listen to life’s guidance and these signs? And what do they want to tell you?

Part of this guidance is direct help in something, to help you in a certain direction that is positive for you or that gives a certain insight. Some are about warning about something. Some are about developing yourself, understanding your own patterns, to be able to choose a different path. It is therefore about being able to discern life’s guidance as well, as what it wants to say.

In order to listen and understand this type of guidance better, and listen inward better, your sensitivity and ability to perceive subtle signals need to be accepted as important. Many times in life we have been taught to wave these subtle signals away, as unimportant, dreamy, or too vague to mean anything. That way of thinking is the three-dimensional approach, where everything must manifest itself more physically and practically, and where coincidences are purely coincidental.

As we integrate and amplify more finely tuned frequencies within us and in our energy fields, we will notice changes more easily within the energy fields and in our bodies. When we turn inward in, for example, meditation and contemplation, we also open the door to being able to listen better.

Anything that helps us reduce analyzing and trying to “figure things out” are good things to practice. For example, more mindfulness, more presence in everything you do, stopping running away from troublesome things, affirming feelings, expressing yourself from the heart, seeing beyond what you see with your physical eyes, seeing in a larger perspective, listening more with your inner self than with your physical ears, and more…

You have no idea how amazing your inner world actually is! And how much you already know. How much your soul already knows and tries to help you with. You are one with life! Acknowledge that flow.

Lis Sunoya & The Light Team – For The New Golden Era


Hold the lantern firmly in your hand and hold it up bravely so you can see. The lantern that shows the tender path, the path of love, the path of creativity, and the path of inner growth. Because the world is worried enough anyway. On days when the waves feel big, you might hold your breath, throw a buoy out into the big blue, and stay on the edge of a rescue. On days when the water is still, you may allow yourself to float, to grow in your trust that life carries you, completely without effort.

One day, in a now, land suddenly appears in sight. The light that then led you safely forward has caused the life force to relax and the will to take root in something new, and grow. The embracing force that does not let go of all that you are has then become integrated with your inner soul map. The one you designed before you got here. The ground you stand on becomes comprehensible and comprehensible, but through a string of adventures. Because it is in the adventure that the greatest and most beautiful blossoms, when you free yourself and no longer have to sail on unknown waters. It happens when you drop the anchor within you to the bottom of your story and let an anchoring shoot up with new force.

Coming home is nothing more than feeling the whole within you. Not in the feeling of life splitting, not in the striving, but in the totality of your star flower in union with your person. In the totality of you, you feel who you ARE, through all dimensions, regardless of where you are right now.

COME HOME. Then share your home with gentle awareness, in step with the earth’s growth. Your inner flower feels generous in its origins, but still needs tenderness in a world of minds and structures that are not ready to receive all the people “at home”. COME HOME YET. And live in beauty where you are, in who you are. Life and the world will follow.

Liselotte & The Light Team


Why can it be beneficial to create sacred moments and commit to positive and intentional ceremonies?

The nervous system always speaks to us in different ways. Positive rituals change our neuro paths in the brain, and provide good changes in our lives. It also makes us understand life and nature better, because we become more aware and observant.

In ceremonies, you create useful strong energy by bringing the past and future into the present, to heal the old and open up for the new. Creating this space and intention within is important when we experience stress, trauma, or emotional heaviness.

Life itself can also be seen as a ceremony. Like a sacred awareness that is full of potential, that guides us, and helps us get into a clear intention of our steps.

We all need to recover the indigenous mind and heart, to know how to honor life and live on this earth now. Ceremony and intention are one way to bring us back from distractions, and instead into the power of now. It connects us within. It gives space to become our own masters.

Lis Sunoya


May you HEAR without your ears, SEE without your eyes, and SPEAK without your mouth.

This so you can hear the drum of your own heart, see the unseen, and be your true self. So you can speak to nature, the forest people, the fairies, angels, giants and other magical creatures.

So you can see through the veils of every dimension into the truth, joy and love of what is. So you can experience and value your own wholeness and holiness.

Lis Sunoya


We are NOT small and soulless – your inner nature.

The future healing of our bodies takes place via light, sound and frequency. To get there, we need to recreate the relationship with nature, why it exists, and our part in it. People’s relationship with themselves and the body has many times regressed to being a weakened link, which is only heard in the most acute problems.

The subtle signals that the body constantly gives and guides us with, for example, speak to us about how the energies we surround ourselves with make us feel. How that influence into our existence creates balance or not. The body also reacts to how we ourselves think and feel, as it is also created energy.

We all have the answers within us on how to correct and restore balance. We need to understand the connection between how our bodies react, store, heal and develop – and the natural capacity that needs to be highlighted for that to happen. Every cell in our body is a natural creation. The light and frequencies that flow and vibrate there, give life to the body, and are also the key to maintenance and healing.

Although I have worked for many years with holistic health, and many others with me, we all have a development to do here. Which is much more about energy medicine, quantum physics, alchemy, flow and frequencies, than anything else.

We are champions. Natural healers. Incomparable creatures. Who just during birth on earth forgot how great we are at creating and healing life energy. And health is about LIFE. To live, breathe, and exist fully, together with our soul power. To feel and understand that we are part of everything. That we are NOT little or soulless without our own power and will, who happened to fall on earth without any plan or inner toolbox. No, we have it all.

And what is in this “everything/all” that we are a part of? Well, EVERYTHING, simply. Everything we need.

Lis Sunoya


A mirror hall of blissful infinities…

See tomorrow as today’s light and success. Sometimes humanity moves away from its own development by not being present in the daily transformation that natural life always wishes to exist as. Your energy and its change are as natural as the Earth’s. See and feel it within you. Do not escape into various stages that take you away from the presence required for a steady transformation of your life, no matter what plane it is on right now. The step towards total liberation of the earth, as well as the importance of different parts and geographical locations of the earth, and its capacity for expansion right now, is enormous. Through it, man’s perception of his own importance in the creation of the universe also shifts. Consider how cells begin to divide to create life…

You humans who have walked many lifetimes on Earth and elsewhere in our shared multiverse know within you that nothing that possesses life ever ceases to exist. That everything circulates, reshapes, creates, flows, divides, and expands. It is only through the persistence of focus in consciousness that man believes that permanence exists. Why doubt that the world cannot change? Why direct a constant focus on stagnation? That your perception of disaster and/or retained trauma is so deeply inherited is one of the factors why the entrapment of endless cycles of grief, war, contradictions, arguments and anxiety occurs. Everyone who sees that the world does not only consist of disaster – but, for example, that happiness also exists – has in that view been given a choice. Because you see. You can choose to continue to sprout and give life to disaster, sadness, hopelessness and trauma, and create that reality. Or you can choose to grow more of the lucky root that the inside consists of.

Nothing needs to be permanent, more than what you yourself decide that you want stability and permanence throughout your life in. So, choose consciously within yourselves. With love in your hearts. Not with hate, not with fear and not with disaster as a guide. Possible disaster is primeval teachings, which were later exploited, and where humanity has then been put into a trance. In a trance to insure themselves, to anticipate danger, the need to hunt, to use substitutes, and to distract oneself away from life itself. Do you see it? And what happens to your soul light and life energy, in the human belief in the weakness of your inner power?

How do you overcome today’s clear boundary now, where the trance of danger and distractions is to be replaced with trust, courage and abundance on earth? How do you avoid creating a new cycle, personally and in the collective, where the quality of life is based on all external circumstances and happenings? How does the new master energy get integrated within you where you fully choose higher frequencies in your daily lives? Look at your personal lives and ask that question. There are many distractions that can create a pitfall. So ask yourself again and again. Don’t give up on life. About your personal dream. About love. About being allowed to exist through your inner glow. Don’t give up on the most beautiful thing you are part of – creation itself. It is the purest light you can experience. Like a mirror hall of blissful infinities. Seen from your inner self. Experienced by you as a human being – right now.

Liselotte, Council of Seven & The Earth Wisdom Keepers – For The New Golden Era


Integrate your higher consciousness into the physical body.

“Dear friends. We would like to start talking about your physical body. The ‘shield’ and cup of life that you carry, which protects your energy in a physical existence. Yes, we would like to help you see the body as a kind of protection now – not as a burden. A body that carries you, that moves you forward, that pulsates, that circulates. We see that many are out of touch with their physical body and want to transform beyond it into a higher reality without a body. We are here to say that the change in the world that you are going through is THROUGH your bodies, not outside or without it. For a long time, mankind has had a broken relationship with its physical body. With the complaint or concern about what it cannot handle, how it is shaped or how it works. Now, with awareness of crystal-driven cells and their development, it is sometimes forgotten that you still do not always have a good relationship with your physical body. Then it becomes more difficult and painful to transform, and more physical ailments, fatigue and pains occur in a transition to the crystal energy that the cells want to adopt.

Don’t rush this. Take the loving time needed to listen to your body along with your spiritual energy. Your missions on Earth will manifest in harmony with how well you are INTEGRATED into your reality. Don’t run away, don’t let it go too fast, and embrace your physique. Both the surface of the earth, its interior, its force field and your physical bodies with its force field. Everything happens in harmony and understanding with the higher consciousness that both the earth has, and your own.

We believe that many still need to listen more to the body, to the heart and the voice of the higher consciousness and to the signals sent THROUGH the body. In the end, your bodies will be more enlightened, and by that, we mean both in their intelligence, function and appearance. But the way there is by listening, joining body and soul energy, and lifting by rejuvenating yourself in the physical version of yourself through awareness. Precisely for this purpose, it has very little to do with exercise and food, although it provides other positive effects, healing and strength. It has to do with your consciousness becoming integrated into your physical body. As your DNA changes, generations will change on Earth and the new souls that will live in the new world can then be born into these new bodies. It happens step by step. Both from the earthly perspective and from the spiritual.

How can you do this, you might ask? Feel free to tune in daily in and to your physical body. Our channel (Liselotte) has for a few years received new frequencies that help the process of uniting and strengthening contact with the physical body and changing it. Those frequencies look light blue and light green to you, but sometimes also light pink. The white energy is also always present. Open up to those frequencies and receive them into the cells. Also listen to what burdens your physical body, or what it wants to signal to you. Your higher consciousnesses can be heard both with words, with feelings and felt in your physical bodies. You cannot deny this existence or skip this step to have an easier life.

The Earth thanks you for listening. She gives you love every day. Take advantage of that concern by taking advantage of your “earth”, your physical existence, in everything you live. And we don’t give you regulations. Only humans do that sometimes. We bring peace to your lives and wish the body to experience the highest form of peace. And how that peace is achieved is different. As all your tensions release, as your higher consciousness and its energy integrate, and as life flows through your cells, everything changes… Also take care of your physical hearts. They are the gateway to blessings beyond what you are used to. Within you everything exists.”

Liselotte, Council of Seven & The Earth Wisdom Keepers – For The New Golden Era


Healing of human guilt, the release of karma and the great rebirth.

Does this healing occur via insights and through a reconciliation within us? Of own internal parts that begin to communicate with each other?

A major healing process that many people go through and cleanse in this life is guilt. For example, the feeling of not doing enough and being good enough as you are, an existential debt in life, not believing you have the right to choose or set limits, or for example the belief that life punishes us through our actions due to some form of pre-programmed sense of guilt we carry. Has the concept of karma even arisen and been sustained on earth only because of our collective sense of guilt here? And how much has society at large contributed to this?

If we look at the karma that belongs to a three-dimensional world, and that ends many cycles for people on earth right now, then it is precisely the feeling and the energy of guilt in various forms from all the lives we have, which puffs out like steam through our pores. Don’t inhale that steam, release it. If we continue to affirm our feeling of life guilt, then the cycles of karma also repeat themselves. They are like superglue, which can only be amputated with the help of a higher awareness and new life choices.

Sometimes guilt drives people a whole life, which with a rough voice controls our inner communication with all our parts. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual part. Guilt chases or holds back, and can produce a tireless judgment within us, or hinder us in various choice situations. Do we have a right to life itself? Do we have the right to stop demanding so much from us?

The freedom that comes from healed guilt is amazing. It does not mean irresponsibility, but a deepening of the close deep relationship between ourselves and our inner selves. As an inner expansion of joy where permission to our own inner voice is allowed to exist. We reconcile with ourselves. Embracing us. Lifts us, above what has been imposed on us by the premade structure that others have created for us, via the people we have had in our lives or from society as a whole.

Start communicating with your inner performance, your demands on yourself and your sense of guilt. What are they driven by? When did they arise? Can you allow yourself to let it go? Can you do it now? Can you feel that it is actually okay to trust yourself and your own choices based on your inner reconciliation? That you don’t have to bear the blame for other people’s choices in their lives? Neither those around you now, nor from generations back.

Can you feel that you can be reborn within yourself, as a free person?

Lis Sunoya


The center of deep emotions, healing, harmony, soul connection and light – is expanding its well of wisdom. The awakened heart is here to ensure, to lift the veil, and to raise the vibration. It is that kind of love for life itself that originates from the deepest roots, from the ancestors who know all about human history, and from the benevolent evolved galactic families who recognize what we are going through on earth right now. They are here to help us see the higher timeline. They say that humans are so used to repeating patterns, and that this turns off the ability to grow, evolve and feel their own strength. They are asking us to see through the repeated patterns of society.

Human’s empathy of the most sacred gift of all, is rising through the mist. It’s like a bear mother echoing her roar through the land of the pulsating heart, ready to expand. Some might be scared by this energy, some will see things more clearly from it, and some will join in. To protect what has sprung from the heart in humans, the children who are the more evolved souls, have come together on earth as newborn star troops from a higher realm to spread their light. Remember how new life starts, the heart says. Remember the purity and what life is all about. Life creation is the most natural form of source expression. The soul screams when the wings of a pure, already perfect life form get their wings altered.

Everything is alright though, in the now and in the perspective of eternity. All shall pass as a terrible hurricane, and the dust will settle. Eventually, different timelines melt together more and create a stable new main one for the future. No one who is meant to stay on earth, will be left behind. The collective energy does rise above those who do not see, above those who are controlling, or are being controlled. It rises above those who are trying to repeat history and worse. Soon the visible tipping point will lead people to a more mutual understanding of what life is, and isn’t. That will set people free inside, and then the voices of humanity will move everything forward. Guided into the future timeline of hope, joy, love, higher consciousness, abundance and freedom. Feel it. Learn to navigate in the dark. It is touchable through your senses. Be who you ARE. That is your compass through the stage of mist and will lead you through your portal.

Lis Sunoya – The Light Administrator, The Andromedan’s & The Earth Wisdom Keepers – For The New Golden Age. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨



Shock can cause a type of paralysis in various chakras that cause the energies to “freeze” or partially solidify. If you look energetically at what it looks like, the energy does not flow as it should in different places and all the chakras have a harder time communicating with each other and letting the energy flow. It usually looks a little different in intensity if it is an old unprocessed shock that lies beneath the surface or if it is a newly experienced shock.

The energy impact that a person can experience after a shock, is some form of energy loss and a certain internal shutdown. It can also feel like you are starting to survive instead of living. The ability to feel and think clearly can feel different, all while the trauma feelings are recurring, with less intensity and intervals after a certain time. The very feeling of being “out of touch” with oneself comes from the inner stagnation that has taken place, and means that one does not always have contact with all of one’s inner tools. It can be similar to a muscle that gets stuck in a cramp and gets less oxygen. But wait – this is only temporary. There are always solutions.


A shock can feel like being without a lifeline, without a life jacket, and without a feeling of having something to hold on to. The ground you stand on opens a large hole.

The way out of shock and to heal a trauma that has arisen in just that way, needs emotional security and perspective. Security is given in the form of continuous attention to the love within, to the cradle of life and soul. To the cradle where you always know you’re being held. It is also given by promoting exercises that fill the energy system with circulation and new space where it feels stagnant. All to bring in more of the flow of light where it has previously been restricted.

Highlighting a new perspective on life’s great puzzles and their possibilities, and thereby paving the way for new paths of thought, also helps not to get caught up in the same thoughts over and over again. The state that “froze” the energy within one or more chakras, can thus be dissolved with new awareness and to allow oneself to FEEL, in order to also be able to GIVE what one needs to oneself. The shock is reduced and healed with new bright energies, new learning, and emotional security.

Remember that even if the internal connections and bridges that previously existed feel burned, new paths in both the nervous system, emotions and consciousness can always be built up and create new fantastic bridges inside. Maybe even stronger than before. It is actually the case that your soul is always in the creation of its energy and wants to self-heal everything in our everyday life. Basically, you are already WHOLE and an absolutely amazing soul who wander here and now in this life. Everything you ever need to live this life will never go away. ♥♥♥

Lis Sunoya & The Light team


Photo: “Pretty Nose”, 1878.


The soul family that walks next to me, wants to give hope. They say that the mountains will rise again, the oceans will calm down again, the trees will sing their song again, and that the sun will shine brighter than before. One of my missions on earth and in many lives is to heal “soul illness”. This does not mean that the soul is sick, it can never be, but the human life where the soul lives can be. They say that soul illness on earth right now comes when humans have become lost within themselves, when the contact with the soul and the surroundings (nature, animals, the environment and other people) is to some extent broken, lost, or overlooked. Humans need to unite with themselves and as a human race.

Photo: Tohomish, aka “Pine Voice”, 1900.

On earth, in the lower vibration, humans can get lost in their contact with life and with that which created life. The hope lays in finding the way again. To light up the path towards the true heart, and the spiritual abundance that everyone carries. It is a duffel bag equipped with everything you need for this life. No mistakes are made. Creation does not know how mistakes are made. It only knows what you need to perform the journey you have chosen, in what form it should take place.

Back to the roots. Through them the deepest voice within you rumbles. The one who then gets the power to ascend and unite with the energy of the universe. In that fusion, you can live for your purpose on earth. With growing awareness of what created you, and how that energy of life constantly flows through you in its natural orbits.

Nature shows you the power that a human body needs. The wisdom you have accumulated through all your lives, those on earth and in other locations and dimensions, accompanies you. Listen to everything you are… You know what is the energy of life, how you get access to it – and what is not life and that can instead create a so-called soul illness.

Find the path, even if it is brand new right now. Be an explorer more than ever. A nomad with the earth dusting around your feet, and the wind blowing in your hair. A drumming sound is heard, can you hear it..? It is the sound of a calling. From your origin, from your source. Let the light descend into your holy body and let it change thoughts, feelings and patterns. Blow away the volcano you are carrying. Blow away the fear you carry. Blow away humans imposed guilt. Stand in your origin and shine with strength.

Hope is here. It will come when it is almost gone. Never ever so strong. ♥

Lis Sunoya


Hi dear readers. Here is a new channeling about the time we are in from my spiritual light guides. They bring useful information and advice for us all. Keep shining! ♥

Channeling August 3, 2021

“We greet you with love and light. Here in our dimension, doubts are heard and felt from your earth plane, which is now being transformed into a living multifaceted power again through your consciousness. In the transformation, anxiety is heard from the earth’s crust – from buds when they erupt, or when emotions freeze to ice, or from within of people when a certain struggle against change takes place, due to uncertainty.

We would like to highlight and help you relax inside of your energy centers, and through that create a reception for new energies. In order for you to be able to receive the vibrations and tones that are now being transported at high speed towards the earth and are rising in frequency regularly, a certain surrender to inner faith and relaxation in your muscle and nerve fibers is needed. The muscles will begin to store more light for you, and the nerve fibers have always been carriers of information, and which are now constantly renewed. You have stepped into a space of powerful vibrations and will be there for thousands of years. The earth does not disappear, it is being transformed from the inside out, so do you. But from a parallel point of view, you all have your own created version of the earth and life there. Through development and daily presence with each other, your timelines often meet, therefore a certain structure of the earth’s shape and energy that you experience as “ordinary” is retained.

Through the “eye of the needle” everything that you have carried for so long is cleared away from this experienced life, and from other lives, which have kept you under a bar of lower vibrations. Sorrow, pain, doubt, guilt, fear, anxiety, flight, hatred and other emotions. Now you are undergoing a total purification and refinement for a period. That period is individual, even if your broad and overlapping consciousness is followed.

For some, cleansing feels almost unbearable at times. Two opposites and polarities meet inside within different areas, to try to unite, forgive and heal. It can feel tiring. Like you are re-experiencing old wounds that are being illuminated by the other pole extra much now. Sometimes escapes behaviors of various kinds can occur to avoid feeling this, often in the form of denial or distraction. And everything that thereby helps to strengthen that protection mechanism, is leaned against to find a temporary power from. This belongs to an old way of surviving on earth, something that will no longer exist. You have full permission to LIVE now, not just survive. You can flourish, live in strength, trust, love, joy, healing, expansion and in a clear consciousness with all that it entails.

The inner tension and the feeling of discomfort when energies within you want to be purified, is really just the voice of the soul screaming for itself. Who calls out. Who wants to break through the polarities and rise with its clear bright voice once and for all. In unity with himself in all incarnations. This internal conflict in healing may exist to a very small degree in a large number of people on earth, or have expanded and established itself to a large extent. Fear and flight lie in a low vibration, while the higher consciousness calls and tries more and more to raise the vibration. The protective mechanisms may be well hidden, for example in maintaining a certain amount/regularity of numbing substances, suppressing higher frequencies such as joy, peace and love, difficulties and lack of patience to meditate/tune in, maintenance of destructive thought waves instead of positive waves of thought, avoidance of clear thinking, denial of their own self-worth and lack of contact with the feeling of love.

Through the higher frequency of the heart, all this will be transformed, regardless of the degree of purification and release required. It is the new frequencies that reach you now that will activate the heart in stages. It exist like a tunnel through the heart’s chambers via the brain and out to the higher dimensions that download information through the body to the nerve impulses that are then sent out from the heart. The circulation then starts with the new information and activation of your light DNA and the multi-energy that exists in your actual descent.

Our advice is to embrace yourself in this passage of purification and reception. Look clearly at your lives, what kind of joy and ease you give to them. Where fear has taken over that leads you away from the soul. Where the connection with the innermost has been broken, and when. Reinstall the connections by opening up to everything with a higher and lighter frequency in life and to the physical body. Heal and use insights to regain your full potential to live as human beings. Do what you need to relax in muscles and nerves, as they will bring you light integration. Distinguish between what the poles within you want to teach you, and how you can unite with yourself. In your own wholeness, the goal will be close. For every person and for every occasion that someone chooses a union with its true origin instead of maintaining the inner separation, the earth and its inhabitants are also healed. It is already underway but will increase with conscious responsibility. Your inner lanterns shine so brightly, continue like this.” ♥

The Light Administrator from The Council of Seven – through Lis Sunoya


Hello friends of light. ♥ Today I want to be a voice for the woman and for the feminine energy. I have written about the theme before, that we are now entering a time when masculinity and femininity must be balanced within us, and that the step forward for all women who have tried to adapt to a masculine world is now supported by the whole universe, to the right to be and feel as valuable as the masculine energy. Our entire existence constantly strives to achieve a balance between all our energies. Those we have on earth, and those in other existences. It is a natural process but is now on a trampoline.

To heal our femininity, our feminine energy, from oppression, inferiority, shame and so on – we need to look within to our own history. To see our patterns through generations, where the voice has been silenced, where the woman has been violated, suppressed, and where she has been influenced by our ancestors’ programming in obligations towards the masculine energy. Where we adapted to what is expected. Where we have had to fight, where society has encouraged us to live by the ideal of masculine power for what success is.

But if we could allow ourselves to relax and live out our feminine energy, and feel the value in it without guilt, then who would we be?

After the reflection within us, we can begin the journey towards a greater affirmative where we heal and celebrate our feminine power. It is important now not to get caught up in history, even if it has affected us a lot. Time is accelerating far too fast for that, and we want to make sure to look ahead after our inner journey of discovery. It is important to find forgiveness, but then plant visual seeds of balance between the feminine and masculine energy. We must highlight and honor ourselves in the energy given to us all. It is a time when the world needs mother earth and the feminine energy of nourishment, care, reception and softness. And with the masculine energy, we can make that change in respect. As we now allow, invite and reshape the future of our children.

The meeting between masculine and feminine within us takes place in an infinitely beautiful dance… It’s like an old love story that got lost, but which is now to be reunited. They are meant for each other, to collaborate and live side by side. The rhythm happens to the music, as the universe is orchestrated for us. The stage invites us to enter together. Let us help each other heal history with its power structures that have kept both men and women on the carpet and within specific frameworks. Let us affirm all sides within us and find the balance now.

My light guides say that we are in a new beginning of the world, and that it is therefore important not to get caught up in history even if we need to look at it for a while. Let us manifest a new time. From here and now, the journey begins to experience balanced love and power within us and in relationships. An enormous strength grows out of it, where allowing who we are, gives us the pieces of the puzzle to each other.

If You feel that you need to heal your feminine or masculine energy within you, then I recommend working with light healing, individually coded affirmations and meditation. ♥

Be well! ♥ / Lis Sunoya


The photo was taken while in France 2018

Have you ever felt or thought that: “I have tried and I must probably accept now that it does not always turn out the way I want? Life is still pretty good…”

You’re not alone! It is one of the most common thought patterns that can occur in life, after perhaps years of struggling with something. It can apply to everything, such as work, relationships, interests, personal development, health, etc. The resignation finally creeps in, lowers your energy level, and makes itself completely uninvited at home within you, and no longer intends to give way to the forward-thinking dreamer within you. But, be calm – there is usually one or more solutions to this. It’s just a matter of finding what it is that perhaps makes you to never take that very last step needed to overcome it.

Here are 7 tips for you that you can think about if there is something you have not done and want to do to create the life that is warm in your heart or that repeatedly keep reminding you inside…♥

  • Some people who want to change their lives, do it a little half-heartedly. What do I mean by that? Yes, that you think that you would like to do something, you talk about it sometimes, but do nothing or very little about it. Half-hearted attempts can be to try a little, but to back off when resistance is experienced, in itself, from the environment or in a situation. You may not know how to do something, and instead of researching more or getting help, you lose hope or think that it is probably not that important… Ex: “I’ll be fine anyway”. “I have to be satisfied like this.” “I’m so old anyway.” “It’s probably just me who thinks like this.” “It would never work.” “What would others say?”
  • Trust. Have confidence in life and yourself. You feel like you do for a reason, and it’s worth investigating and be taken seriously. It is about respect for who you are as a person and self-love. You often grow as a person for every obstacle you overcome, so have confidence in your own process, regardless of the pace of it. Accept the uncertainty, but trust in what you feel, and take steps forward.
  • Fears. Often you do not start a change or go through with it fully, because the fear of how the result will be is too big. What if? Fear often causes us to paint pictures in our minds that are not true at all. Distinguish between what your fears are, and what your spiritual soul voice says. Sometimes you need to dare to jump without seeing the whole picture. As long as you implement your change responsibly, fears are there to be overcome, not be controlled by. They are not your true self. In your soul there is a lot of zest for life, joy and inspiration that wants to be expressed here on earth. Dare to open that door more.
  • “I feel like I want to do something, but do not know what?” Some of you may recognize that? And some of you may have let that phase stop your entire personal journey. Because it is only a step, which can develop into inner knowledge if you listen inwardly to yourself. We have often been so used to solving questions through our mental capacity, and by sharing our thoughts with the outside world, instead of feeling the answer. The answer to what exactly you need and wish is in there, in your heart.
  • Expectations. There is often an obstacle to get over here. To release guilt, shame or expectations from the environment and/or society. Try to strengthen the relationship with yourself in a loving way. Give yourself permission to first dream, wish and listen to your needs. Then take it step by step towards it. If you feel that you are doing what you need out of love, then it will feel easier.
  • Act. Just wanting a change is not always the best solution. Even if you use the law of attraction and the energy field of quantum physics. When your dream, the wish and desire to change something is in place within you – by both seeing and feeling what it would feel like to do it or be in that situation, you need to start to act. Show the universe and life exactly which path you want to take. Ex: Participate in what you need, finish something to be able to start something else, contact people you think can help you, tell the environment, study what you need, book what you need, etc. Show that you are already in the energy timeline of what you want and act in that direction.
  • Repetition and healing. In some cases, things need to be repeated for you to get where you want to go. I meet many in my coaching work who is about to give up their business idea, because it has not led them where they want. Or that money has not come in to be able to experience something, to be able to live in a new way, etc. Do not give up. The key here is to continue… You have NOT felt wrong in what you want. Your soul and spiritual guides always speak to you for a reason. You just have not found the tool yet, overcome your inner obstacles to get the “click” inside you. Give yourself praise along the way, celebrate small and big steps and take charge. Your will and belief in yourself is crucial. If not before, it is also in this phase that old programmed patterns often make themselves known. They can be both conscious or subconscious. Ex. That you have become accustomed from childhood that things are in a certain way, learned to live in a certain way, are treated in a certain way, and these are the frameworks you then have for your own adult life. It can be about how you want to be loved, finances, life situations, the ability to trust yourself, the individual gifts you have, and more. You can either work with those patterns yourself to dissolve them or get help from someone else. But trusting what you feel is important for you in life for it to change. ♥

Lis Sunoya & The Light Team


Hi dear friends of light! It was a while ago since I published a channeling here. Much has happened lately, and today my light guides wanted to speak to you all. I hand over the communication entirely to them, to see what they have to say. Be well in all that you are.

”Dear friends on earth. In your dimension, the energy shifts a lot right now. From one thing to another, from one perspective to another, from one dimension to another. We see your longing to stabilize the new age, the overflowing era on earth. That time comes, and are here even now. When you see through other eyes than those who has been trained to see short term or short distance and instead see in big perspectives, everything will come to you immediately. It may feel contradictory, to let go of the short term views, for everything to be able to come to you now. But that is how the multidimensional world works, the one you are born to be, the one your souls shine.

Let that part of you come forward, that part where you are magical masters over your energy and your world. You and no one else controls that. You create life on earth. You are the masters. Go into the authentic identity. Many times in life you are being tested to be authentic. To trust your intuition, and not let “the ego” push its own survival plan. To show what deep within feels right. To show emotions from a grounded soulful foundation where no trigger symptoms are being shown. There are many examples. What we want to bring forward in your hearts through the authentic energy is, that when life’s identity dares to be peeled off, there is only one energy, the true one. That is an energy many are afraid of getting in contact with, fully. Mankind still fights with the image of how they should be, instead of creating their own life out of the pure true energy.

Regarding the crimes that have happened all over the earth, we would like to say, that justice will arise. Faster than even the ego would like to, when you stop see short-term and see larger perspectives and live in the now. Everything happens in the now, so is the energy that wishes justice of its spiritual power. We come with the light, the hope, and the love. We come with golden footprints for you to wander in. They are ready for you, to feel the safety in this era that lift your lives to the next level. In cooperation with each other, you will build new societies out of the core and consciousness of the earth. To live in harmony and balance, you need to be connected with mother earth’s consciousness. It is through her that the planet’s heart and your hearts can live free. It is through her the compassion and nutrition of life are being born in a new form. Believe not, that you are going back to any old way of living. You will innovate the world and how you live with the soul with the energy of mother earth’s heart. Through this energy right choices will be born, through that the rhythm within you will change, stress-related diseases will end, and you will find your creativity as it is meant to be. It will bring you further in common collaborations in different projects over the earth, in her heart energy.

What we also would like to advise you about right now, is to be a bit careful with your longing. It can take you away from the magic in the now. Discover what is happening now, who you are now, what life is saying now, what the animals show now, what the ocean wants you to discover, what the wind whisper through the trees. The branches in your own tree, the tree of life, are ready to absorb life and let the flow expand. Not any other moment on earth is greater as now, as great as ever. Understand how comprehensive that energy is, and what is possible when you let go and step into the trunk of the tree. The tree of life is not a place, it is the energy within you. And it is being developed now.

Have you seen or felt how this want to sparkle like fireworks inside? Have you felt the power that wants out? Don’t turn it against yourself, don’t close it inside. It is then it creates frustration, overload that creates tiredness, skin problems, restlessness. Live in the flow of the energy, in the balance, in the abundance, in the power. It leads you further now. Your development are BIG. But the difference between people is also big. Some jump happily over what can look like a scary cliff, and land nicely on the other side. Some jump despite a heavy rucksack. Some don’t know that they need to jump to be able to leave the old world. Not yet. Don’t be sad over differences. Be in harmony, and when the now will be reinforced with everyone, everyone who has the “strength”, will jump. Those who haven’t will continue to live their summery of life and be happy with that. So, do not be sad over the few who don’t choose the new times energy. We say “strength”, because it sums the energy more than anything else, and doesn’t necessarily have to do with physical health. Every human was born with individual assignments. Do not judge their choice of life, it is right for them, and on a spiritual level, it springs from the light too. And sometimes the greatest insight and jumps happen right at the moment of death, when a person dies, and everything will then be completed. In the new dimension, karma will not continue, you will then live more direct in your power. So the idea of life lessons will be toned out. During a couple of generations, there will still be necessary to do healing work of the effect of the old world, during the transition and when the multidimensional experience of life is being developed.

May you live with peace in your mind, and love in your whole being.”

♥ Lis Sunoya & The Golden Light Administrator & The Council of Seven


Hi dear friends! ♥ What a flying start the new year has taken, right? I thought I might share what I feel from a soul level about the situation in the world right now with help of my clairvoyance.

It is a time that is being characterized by expansion on all levels. When expansion happens, much space is being created and freeing the old, making whatever needs to come up to the surface, that has not been faced before, will do so now. Therefore you can see many fears in the world and people may react from a root level. The reason for that can be many. Partly unprocessed feelings that are being lifted up to the surface to be able to heal properly. Perhaps the letting go of an ego-driven lifestyle. Maybe the fact that not everyone has actually been here on earth so properly with the soul integrated in their human life, the one you have once chosen with your consciousness to experience. Whatever the reason for all this, the people of the world are now being shaken to fully wake up from their illusions, their denials and to fully step into the power of the soul and its new time age. It is from love and light that the humans will live and work in the new future, not from a fear-based reality, with its patterns and thoughts. It is a process that will be going on in different phases, and one of them we are seeing now. ♥

In all times improvement is able to happen after crises, as it will now. And in this case, the crises are supposed to wake us up to fully step into honesty with ourselves. Into abundance of free energy. To let our inner emotional space of love and compassion grow and let other solutions in on how to live on earth come forward. All from an integrated soul. If you haven’t been in this honest state with yourself fully earlier, it is time to be present in that now. You have chosen this life to experience, develop, and live your purpose. Everything that is taking you away from all that are different kinds of denials or fears. ♥

You can be present by wanting to look at yourself, your patterns and life with more open eyes. You are present when you listen to your inner voice, follow that and trust what you are feeling. You get to know yourself very deeply by listening to the right source, and stop putting temporary band-aid on your wounds. Instead you nurish them lovingly til they have healed and you feel new inspiration pour into your life!

Practically it is a perfect time now to set aside time for meditation, using freeing breathing techniques and dance, and to exercise in an easy way with the purpose to let go of inner tensions, worry, but at the same time let more joy come forward. It is time to really embrace the happiness and freedom within you. How can I talk about this during an experienced crisis like we can see in the world today? Well, because we are going through a big energy shift that will raise the frequency on earth, and among the people and animals. And you can make all this easier for yourself and others by embracing the feeling that this is going to be easy, feeling flowing and healing for you. What better way, than stimulate to more joy and liberation of heavy feelings within you? ♥

Also, try to keep the focus on what You need to do for Your inner self, and don’t judge others for how they reacts, feel and express their feelings of for example anger and frustration. It is unstable right now, because of what needs cleansing and understanding. The best thing you can do is to raise the perspective on the circumstances, be conscious, feel the purpose, and practice on both having faith to yourself, to life, and other people’s processes. Even selfish actions from others that can make you want to think in a certain way, will eventually be put out of play of this huge transformation. Have faith and rest in your fantastic soul power and inner light! Trust what you are feeling when you are in contact with your inner being and the soul. That is where the truthful heart is. ♥ ♥ ♥

// Lis Sunoya