Photo: “Pretty Nose”, 1878.


The soul family that walks next to me, wants to give hope. They say that the mountains will rise again, the oceans will calm down again, the trees will sing their song again, and that the sun will shine brighter than before. One of my missions on earth and in many lives is to heal “soul illness”. This does not mean that the soul is sick, it can never be, but the human life where the soul lives can be. They say that soul illness on earth right now comes when humans have become lost within themselves, when the contact with the soul and the surroundings (nature, animals, the environment and other people) is to some extent broken, lost, or overlooked. Humans need to unite with themselves and as a human race.

Photo: Tohomish, aka “Pine Voice”, 1900.

On earth, in the lower vibration, humans can get lost in their contact with life and with that which created life. The hope lays in finding the way again. To light up the path towards the true heart, and the spiritual abundance that everyone carries. It is a duffel bag equipped with everything you need for this life. No mistakes are made. Creation does not know how mistakes are made. It only knows what you need to perform the journey you have chosen, in what form it should take place.

Back to the roots. Through them the deepest voice within you rumbles. The one who then gets the power to ascend and unite with the energy of the universe. In that fusion, you can live for your purpose on earth. With growing awareness of what created you, and how that energy of life constantly flows through you in its natural orbits.

Nature shows you the power that a human body needs. The wisdom you have accumulated through all your lives, those on earth and in other locations and dimensions, accompanies you. Listen to everything you are… You know what is the energy of life, how you get access to it – and what is not life and that can instead create a so-called soul illness.

Find the path, even if it is brand new right now. Be an explorer more than ever. A nomad with the earth dusting around your feet, and the wind blowing in your hair. A drumming sound is heard, can you hear it..? It is the sound of a calling. From your origin, from your source. Let the light descend into your holy body and let it change thoughts, feelings and patterns. Blow away the volcano you are carrying. Blow away the fear you carry. Blow away humans imposed guilt. Stand in your origin and shine with strength.

Hope is here. It will come when it is almost gone. Never ever so strong. ♥

Lis Sunoya

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