Intuitive guidance

“Sessions with Liselotte are always so full of fun, laughter, kindness and with her healthy nature shining through. She has such a kind heart and is pure and clear in what she does. Her sessions are comforting yet to the point. The messages are clear and specific. Thanks to Liselotte we have been able to get clear about our wants and needs and get out of our own way. We are freer and happier and on the way to changing our lives for the better, every day thank her for being a part of it!” đź’– – Susan Fysh and Dara Craul, Ireland

“I met Liselotte many years ago, I could say she is the godmother of my spiritual journey and partly of the coaching business I have. Our first session gave me a lot of insight, but I needed to mature within myself to implement her suggested instructions. We’ve been working together since January 2018, so for over 4 years. Liselotte is an extraordinary, spiritual guide, putting me firmly upright every time. She is an extraordinary support on my way of life, for which I am very grateful. Her subtlety, sensitivity and energy sensitivity are absolutely wonderful. Sessions with her are a tremendous gift from God, Source, Creator, Universe … – whoever the Energy you are addressing, is. From the bottom of my heart, I recommend working with this amazing woman and spiritual guide.
With love.” – Sylwia Pupek, London

“Thank you, Liselotte! We met in France three years ago and was already at the first session, completely blown away by your natural ability to connect with your “light team”. I have regularly benefitted from your clairvoyance and I plan to do so in the future as well. It´s very interesting, soothing, and helpful to receive guidance from your “light team”. Life can be quite rocky and one can lose faith, therefore your intuitive guidance is very meaningful to me. And… I´m very happy to be the owner of your painting, The Pearl Keeper.” – Johanna Samrud, Zurich/Schweiz

“A few years ago, I was at a crossroads where I had neither dreams nor goals. As a mother of small children, I was stuck in work and everyday routines. I contacted Liselotte and received several intuitive sessions. The inner light got turned on in me and I got back dreams and visions. She helped me to listen to my true self. She gave me clear and detailed guidance. It resulted in me writing the children’s book “Food’s Journey through the Superhero World”. I cannot describe how grateful I am.” 🙏🏻❤️ – Jenny-Lo Markström

“I am amazed at Liselotte’s accuracy without asking a single question at the beginning. It was extremely rewarding on so many levels and it is nice to know that I can get such in-depth help when I need it. Liselotte is also down-to-earth, humble, warm, simple, and trusting. See you again!” – Catarina Fors, Vällingby

“I was very lost, full of anxiety and generally depressed when I contacted Liselotte for an intuitive guidance. That turned out to be the best I could have done! It was pure magic talking to her and I was getting a lot of tips and answers to the question – of why. For me, it was absolutely crucial for the future. I warmly recommend Liselotte to everyone that are prepared to change their lives. With her you are greeted with great respect, a huge amount of engagement and a lot of trust.”  Lisa Rosenblad, Gamleby

“I’ve consulted Liselotte when I’ve been at crossroads or in a situation that I’ve felt insecure about. Since we’ve had contact several times the last twelve years, I know that she’s guided me in a very accurate way that’s helped me understand what’s best for me and my development, and also what the purpose of my experiences is. She uses her intuition and ability to channel spiritual guides in an exciting mixture that makes the sittings dynamic, and she can in a grounded and concrete way deliver the messages – that’s inspiring!  – Maria Taylor

”I have during my 48-year-long life met many intuitives, mediums and intuitive astrologers, but I have never met anyone who has been so accurate as Liselotte. She is so incredible with her gift, and has helped me in my very difficult situation and the crossroad I was facing. I trust fully in her intuitive information, since what she told me was right on point, and I will now be able to follow the road she saw with much more ease. I will be forever grateful and hold you with warmth in my heart. Thank you.” ♥ â€“ Anna Olive, Stockholm

”With great openness, warmth and love she greeted me. With her clear vision and presence, she nailed my situation in a ravishing way. Suddenly I wasn’t so alone anymore. She did see without me having to say anything. Gave light to it all so I got new courage. Thank you Liselotte for your help.”  –  Margareth Momark, Västervik

”The first time I met Liselotte I asked if she could see my future husband. She described a man in detail. Today, about three years later I am about to marry exactly that man she described. She is extremely good at what she is doing. I have also hired her for a consultation with my spiritual guides when I was lost the most, and got a very exact description of my situation and about things she couldn’t have any clue about. It also got revealed that we indeed had an unwelcomed guest in our home that we got help with. Liselotte knows what she is doing, is very competent and I recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone who needs some guidance along the way or personal development.”  – Jessica Hultgren, Stockholm

”Sometimes you stand still in life, and with a certain anxiety, and you ask yourself: is it supposed to be like this, how should I do now, what choices should I do? The consultation with Liselotte felt calm, safe and trustworthy, it was so many things that were accurate. With her guidance I have now made the choices that feel right, and I am hopeful for the future. I have recommended Liselotte to my friends.”  – Ylva Frisk

“Thank you Lis for your guidance. I can not understand how you do this, but I am very grateful for your psychic abilities. By telling me what you were seeing and feeling, you unblocked my thoughts in a way that finally will lead me forward. You also helped me realize the options I actually have right in front of me. You are a gem.” – Isac Thompson, Brighton/UK

“The first time I had booked a session with Liselotte I was very nervous. That was something I really didn’t need to be. She guided me through the conversation very safely. Liselotte is a warm person with a twinkle in her eye. She was very accurate in things she absolutely couldn’t have known about me. I got an a-ha-moment that made me finally go ahead with things I should have done before. You don’t need to be in a life crisis to get the guidance, you can get that for anything you want.”  – Molle, Kungsbacka

”The psychic guidance Liselotte gave me, was a very pleasant experience that left me with several insights and a feeling of confidence for the future. She delivers the messages with safety and humility. Her warm personality makes the consultation even better. The guidance gave me answers on things I wondered about and also things I didn’t know I was wondering about, accurately and personal.”  – TherĂ©se Ă…ström, Västervik

”With Liselotte I got confirmation about things I had thought about, and also hope of other things I had wished for! It was very little ”hocus pocus”, but instead felt pure, and was a consultation with a lot of compassion.”  – Pethra Norlind

“I experienced the contact with Liselotte very positive. She is a warm and compassionate person. I got to follow on a very safe and confident guided journey in a double sense. The contact with Liselotte led me further to a course with her, where I got good tools to be able to contact my spiritual guides myself. I am really satisfied and happy with Liselotte’s achievement. She helped me move on in a stage of my life where I felt stuck. It really gave me what I needed at the time.”  – Lotta Sjögren, Oskarshamn

”I am sitting at home on my balcony, eating something good and having some wine. It feels like I want to celebrate! I have a calm inside and pieces has fallen into place. I got help in finding my life purpose and got answers on other questions. Liselotte feels so warm and real, and seem to have such a nice contact to the universe spiritual guides and angles.”  – Pia Lindberg


“When I started meditating with Lis, I had never meditated before, but since I had not felt very well for a long time and felt stressed, I realized that I needed to do something that allowed me to relax and focus on what is important in my life. The first few times when we meditated I found it difficult to get down to speed but with each passing time it felt more and more comfortable and in the end I longed for our meditations as I got to concentrate on me and myself and felt the calm that the meditation brought. Sometimes I got a lot of energy afterward and sometimes I felt focused and ready to take on the tasks or decisions that needed to be made in my life. The meditation has made me more harmonious, calmer, and aware of myself. Lis has also taught me through meditation how to increase my concentration and maintain it when needed and I am very grateful for that. Thank you very much for everything!” ❤️ – Camilla Axelsson

“I have for many years been privileged to be guided by Liselotte in the meditation world. I have developed and learned to know myself both by Liselotte’s help in meditations and through treatments. She is a wonderful mentor and counselor.”  – Maud Axelsson

“Liselotte has one of the best voices I know. Soft, warm and reassuring. I highly recommend the meditations, as you really feel them in the heart, and the audio files are truly inspiring. To meet Liselotte is inspiring because she is so empathetic, intuitive, helping, listens, cares and is passionate about helping others.”  – Annelie Hultgren

“Before I went on a course for Liselotte I actually never had meditated before, and doubted whether I could do it. We talked a bit about how meditation works before we started. With the help of Liselotte’s calm and warm voice, it was really not as difficult as I thought. It was an incredibly powerful experience, and I feel that it was a great for me. Many thanks to you Liselotte for a memorable and comprehensive course.”  – Catharina Deann

“The meditation with Liselotte that I have experienced has been very easy and I have had clear and wonderful experiences with great love and joy on the occasions that I have been with her. She has a pleasant voice, and the whole Liselotte radiates harmony and security.  – Cherie Gustafsson

“I’ve been a bit skeptical to begin meditating and did not understand before what it was. After meditating to Liselotte meditations, I have found a kind of inner strength. I feel concretely in my life and that it improved my concentration at work, giving me more energy, instead of stress and fatigue, and I’ve got more patience in relation to others.  – David Wilson

“I am a middle-aged woman who, after major surgery woke up to a terrible life with panic attacks and anxiety. During a course with Liselotte it was much that opened up inside me. We students were meditating together with Liselotte and it was the best meditation I’ve ever experienced. Even my psychologist was very surprised what an incredible difference it made and I know that he currently uses this method with other patients. He has never during his active years discovered a more effective tool after he tried. Liselotte’s help to land within oneself and find security and tranquillity before beginning work through their feelings, to get help to see them from a distance and not let them take over, and then be able to let go of them. The audio files Liselotte has made will be my Christmas gift to all my loved ones. Thank you Liselotte for you to share this and make it possible for more people to discover the uniqueness you have in yourself and the way you present it.”  – Pia Arvidsson

“It is very congenial and serene when I come to Liselotte on meditation, with a dear attitude. She always finds a meditation that fits perfectly every time. Regardless how I feel or what has happened during the past week, I have an enormous help and advantage of the theme that she brings up. I get many insights and new energy every time.”  – Kristina Persson

“Liselotte get with her voice me to easily go into my mind, and where I find answers to questions, and get experiences that feels throughout my body. Meditation gives one peace to a troubled soul, but also the energy to move on.”  – Margareta Göransson

“Liselotte has a calm and compassionate voice that gives me good support to go into a meditative state. She brings with her presence help to open up the contact between heart and mind so that I can receive internal messages.”  – Christina Nordström