Lis Sunoya is an intuitive guide and spiritual multidimensional channel with clients worldwide. Her mission is to provide inspiration, perspective, healing, contact with the soul, source and mother earth, as well as to help humanity develop higher frequencies. Her clairvoyant and clairaudient work encourages others to find and deepen their own unique life journey, to evolve and make choices in tune with their soul’s path. The work is carried out with respect and empathy for the person’s current life.


Lis Sunoya’s real name is Liselotte Johansson. She grew up in the countryside outside the city of Västervik in Sweden, with nature as a playground for imagination and intuition – surrounded by old trees, deep blue lakes and animals. It was here that she laid the foundation for her connection and love of nature, and for her intuitive, mediumistic, and multidimensional abilities.

Earlier in life, Liselotte worked as a florist, writer, photographer, and volunteered as a chef in the south of France. At the age of 28, she also came into contact with spiritual, psychic and mediumistic practitioners in various fields both in Sweden and from other countries, which led to the start of a transformative journey.

The gift of being a channel for higher consciousnesses and dimensions, and the journey to begin using those abilities consciously, began with a visit to a bookstore where ONE book was about to fall off the shelf when Liselotte passed. It was about channeling… and started an inner discovery and sense of coming home for her. From that moment began a strong and natural change of her life. Since that opening, Liselotte has always had the intention of being a clear channel in deep contact with light guides, star families, nature, and various spiritual soul ancestors. It all began as a story of love and healing by herself with the help of her guides in other dimensions, and has ever since evolved into the work she does today to help others.

After studying to become a Holistic therapist and Bonitolog in 2002, she also worked with people and animals for many years in homeopathic medicine, nutritional therapy, kinesiology/muscle testing, energy healing and spiritual/personal life coaching. She has arranged retreats and courses in channeling, meditation, relaxation/stress management, animal communication and intuitive healing, and has helped many course participants tap into these often hidden but natural abilities that exist within each person. Two specific methods, Parallel life healing and Axitonal healing were a channeled knowledge and taught by Liselotte for several years at the Swedish Bonitolog School in Stockholm. Nowadays, she teaches one of these methods – Parallel life healing, within the Sunoya Vision organization.

Sunoya’s vision

The name Sunoya was channeled by Liselotte during a transformation of her business and life mission. Completely unaware of the meaning of the name, she was guided after the channeling to a website with information about the world’s various indigenous people. There she suddenly found the meaning of the word.

SUN means = light or sun. OYA means = the bearer of the word that stands before Oya. In this case, Sun. Together the meaning for the word “SUNOYA” means – “The bearer of light/sun”. That experience clarified the path of work and vision for Lis, and her company was from there on named Sunoya Visions. Her vision is to assist others with a focus on bright perspectives and possibilities, to give clarity, insight, healing/ease, inspiration, and to assist in the opening and receiving of the new light frequencies to the new Golden Era and beyond.


Liselotte has now helped other people for over twenty years in spiritual and personal development. These days she performs intuitive guidance mostly over the internet. Arrangements of courses are limited at the moment, but meditation groups via Zoom take place regularly.

Liselotte also writes and paints, letting her passion and interest in the human spiritual experience merge into what she does.

She has two adult children, has lived for shorter periods abroad, and often travels the world for various experiences or assignments within her work. Traveling the world, Liselotte has always been called Lis, hence the name: Lis Sunoya.