Hi, dear reader. My name is Liselotte. This is a part of my life story and also why Sunoya has become a part of who I am. My path in life is to give inspiration, light, perspectives, healing, and to encourage others unique life journey. That through eyes of possibilities, light and individual power. To help others is something I do with respect, empathy and compassion.

The name Sunoya and it’s meaning was channeled through me many years ago at a time of transformation. It soon got clarified that the name meaning had to do with the way I work, the focus on the light perspective and possibilities instead of hinders. Shortly after, I also stumbled upon a meaning of the name Sunoya within a native North American tribe which is:  Sun = light or sun,  Oya= means the bearer of the word before Oya, in this case, Sun. Together that creates – the bearer of the light or sun. What a humbling rebirth experience…

My spiritual and personal life journey is always ongoing. Like for everyone, it continues throughout life, and I am staying curious about what that brings. The psychic abilities showed itself to me very early, and I have strong memories of me being around two years old when I first noticed other dimensions of our reality. I grew up in the Swedish countryside outside Västervik with nature as my playground, surrounded by old trees, animals and deep blue lakes. That’s where I developed my love for nature and my intuition.

As a young adult creating a family and welcoming my two children to the world took place, and with it another important journey. After some time, when I was 28 years old, my awareness and life as I knew it so far, changed. A lid was lifted and I suddenly learned how to channel by myself. It’s through that everything else has been born into my life. From courses both in Sweden and abroad, I experienced how my personal development and intuitive abilities went through a very powerful transformation. Most importantly, when I turned my focus inwards to my soul and heart, listened with acceptance, meditated regularly and trusted my feelings – I felt truly at home and connected

I also studied for three years to become a holistic therapist-Bonitolog. I worked fulltime for nine years as a treating holistic therapist with homeopathic medicine, muscle testing,  nutrition therapy, energy healing and life coaching before there was a natural transition and focus into intuitive and spiritual life coaching, channeling, writing, painting and arranging courses. My two most prominent psychic gifts today include clairvoyance and clairaudience.

I believe that the inner healing work is so important in order to free more space within, for other things you wish for to be able to come in instead. One important key in that process is the inner listening, to meet yourself in silence, and have patience.  This to achieve longterm wellbeing, discover your true nature, and find your own inner voice. Without that listening and patience, we cannot become that unique person and beautiful soul we are here on earth to be and often are longing for. We don’t need to be “perfect” in any way – only honest and embracing towards ourselves and keep on traveling on our journey. Allow that to be an interesting one in all its ups and downs, and learn from them. Our open mind is a door to everyday lovely miracles!

I have actively worked with helping other people for about 19 years now through different courses, treatments and during one to one intuitive coaching sessions. It’s really a privilege that I am so grateful for. My need and love for writing, painting, photographing and traveling are also a big part of who I am, and everything are merged together and take form in different creative shapes in life.

I am happy that you are here and wish you all the best!

Sun and Light / Liselotte