"I was very lost, full of anxiety and generally depressed when I contacted Liselotte for an intuitive/psychic guidance. That turned out to be the best I could have done! It was pure magic taking to her and I was getting a lot of tips and answers to the question - why. For me, it was absolutely crucial for the future. I warmly recommend Liselotte to everyone that are prepared to change their lives. With her you are greeted with great respect, a huge amount of engagement and a lot of trust."
    - Lisa Rosenblad

    "I've consulted Liselotte when I've been in a crossroad or in a situation that I've felt insecure about. Since we've had contact several times the last twelve years, I know that she's guided me in a very accurate way that's helped me understand what's best for me and my development, and also what the purpose of my experiences are. She uses her intuition and ability to channel spiritual guides in an exciting mixture which makes the sittings dynamic, and she can in a grounded and concrete way deliver the messages - that's inspiring!
    - Maria Taylor

    "The first time I had booked a session with Liselotte I was very nervous. That was something I really didn't need to be. She guided me through the conversation very safely. Liselotte is a warm person with a twinkle in her eye. She was very accurate in things she absolutely couldn't have known about me. I got an a-ha-moment that made me finally go head with things I should have done before. You don't need to be in a life crisis to get guidance, you can get that for anything you want."
    - Molle, Kungsbacka

    "I experienced the contact with Liselotte very positive. She is a warm and compassionate person. I got to follow on a very safe and confident guided journey in a double sense. The contact with Liselotte led me further to a course with her, where I got good tools to be able to contact my spiritual guides myself. I am really satisfied and happy with Liselotte's achievement. She helped me move on in a stage of my life where I felt stuck. It really gave me what I needed at the time."
    - Lotta SjΓΆgren