A session of intuitive guidance with me is carried out with the aim to help and inspire. I work with a focus on finding solutions and help you see what your options are in the now.

The intuition works through us in many different ways and in my guidance, I open up to be a channel and receive what wants to be mediate to you right now. I am clairvoyant and clairaudient which are the strongest instruments me and my “light team” are working with during a session. I see myself as a bridge between the spiritual and physical word, where I am offered a unique possibility to bring in more light, different perspectives and solutions to people’s lives. During a session you will get help with your life as a whole, and with the questions you have regarding specific situations.

For WHAT can you seek help and guidance?

An intuitive guidance can help you within all areas of life such as; relationships, work, living residence, finances, emotional understanding, health, inspiration, help to ensure choices, support to your own intuition, spirituality, soul journey, clarity within the personal development, business counselling etc.
Originally I am an educated holistic therepeut with 20 years of experience to guide people to better wellbeing, but during an intuitive guidance I open up for the voice of the soul, your unique path in life, and to what we sometimes miss to see and understand through out logical thinking regarding what take place in our every day life.
OBS: The work is done with professional confidentiality, and everything discussed during your time are staying safely there.


Does it work at a distance? The sessions are being conducted over Skype nowadays where we both can see and speak to each other freely. It is a positive development that has been done during the latest years that facilitate my work a lot, regardless if I am travelling or not. If you wonder how this may affect my intuitive work, I can put your mind at ease! For me an intuitive guidance are just as valuable and strong as when it’s done during a personal meeting, and none of my abilities function differently at a distance. Time and space does not exist, and for me you can sit on the other side of earth if you like – and I will tune into you and your life just as good.
I look forward to connecting with you!
/ Liselotte