Why can it be beneficial to create sacred moments and commit to positive and intentional ceremonies?

The nervous system always speaks to us in different ways. Positive rituals change our neuro paths in the brain, and provide good changes in our lives. It also makes us understand life and nature better, because we become more aware and observant.

In ceremonies, you create useful strong energy by bringing the past and future into the present, to heal the old and open up for the new. Creating this space and intention within is important when we experience stress, trauma, or emotional heaviness.

Life itself can also be seen as a ceremony. Like a sacred awareness that is full of potential, that guides us, and helps us get into a clear intention of our steps.

We all need to recover the indigenous mind and heart, to know how to honor life and live on this earth now. Ceremony and intention are one way to bring us back from distractions, and instead into the power of now. It connects us within. It gives space to become our own masters.

Lis Sunoya

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