Hold the lantern firmly


Hold the lantern firmly in your hand and hold it up bravely so you can see. The lantern that shows the tender path, the path of love, the path of creativity, and the path of inner growth. Because the world is worried enough anyway. On days when the waves feel big, you might hold your breath, throw a buoy out into the big blue, and stay on the edge of a rescue. On days when the water is still, you may allow yourself to float, to grow in your trust that life carries you, completely without effort.

One day, in a now, land suddenly appears in sight. The light that then led you safely forward has caused the life force to relax and the will to take root in something new, and grow. The embracing force that does not let go of all that you are has then become integrated with your inner soul map. The one you designed before you got here. The ground you stand on becomes comprehensible and comprehensible, but through a string of adventures. Because it is in the adventure that the greatest and most beautiful blossoms, when you free yourself and no longer have to sail on unknown waters. It happens when you drop the anchor within you to the bottom of your story and let an anchoring shoot up with new force.

Coming home is nothing more than feeling the whole within you. Not in the feeling of life splitting, not in the striving, but in the totality of your star flower in union with your person. In the totality of you, you feel who you ARE, through all dimensions, regardless of where you are right now.

COME HOME. Then share your home with gentle awareness, in step with the earth’s growth. Your inner flower feels generous in its origins, but still needs tenderness in a world of minds and structures that are not ready to receive all the people “at home”. COME HOME YET. And live in beauty where you are, in who you are. Life and the world will follow.

Liselotte & The Light Team

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