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Today I asked my spiritual light guides – how can we live a multidimensional life without feeling scattered with all the different options of reality we can feel, be in touch with, or experience?

Guides answered me this: We want you to KNOW about the “multiple reality”, not change your current chosen soul experience. We are here to support you in that journey. Were you point your awareness (this part of your consciousness in this experienced life), you create ONE kind of manifested “reality”. You can be in touch with multiple dimensions and options of reality, but THIS part of you and your consciousness here and now, has a soul agreement to the whole of what you are, to experience this path, this kind of reality on Earth. In this case though, it is a reality in transition…, where you learn about the power of creation and energy.

In a higher frequency dimension, you also live with pointed awareness and create reality in that chosen life, although you “travel” in-between realities and dimensions for different purposes sometimes, to help, to gather knowledge and to develop. We are living with a consciousness of ONE, but still with chosen awareness within the lifeform we live.

Although, nothing is static for you now, all is energy. You can co-create and create different outcomes and directions within this chosen soul path on Earth. We can compare that to being given a physical body. You can use the experience of your perfect body in multiple ways, both in a constructive way when you learn things throughout life, or you can get stuck in the soul learning of experience a body, and maybe treat it like something outside of yourself. The same applies to other kinds of experiences within a chosen life. It can take different directions, depending. It is your choice what you do with your given life. There is no judgment of anything, it only is.

How to not feel scattered? By being aware of yourself, of being grounded in your body, and by living with intention.

Liselotte & The Light team

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