LISTENING TO THE SIGNS IN EVERYDAY LIFE – to follow the thread of life and learn to listen more subtly

Do life and the universe speak to us through signs? Perhaps you feel that it is difficult to get clear answers from your higher conscious self and your inner self, and the guidance that is given to you in life? How many times have you said: “I want clearer signs of what to do”?

One of the most common problems with not being able to listen to guidance through signs and the inner voice is that you want these to be much clearer. That requirement becomes like a mental obstacle, which blocks the feeling inside, instead of trying to trust what you are experiencing, and increases the feeling of trust in order to listen more and better.

Life creates endless opportunities to learn to listen inwardly, to become more attuned, and to be open to guidance. It’s not about placing your power outside of yourself, and trusting in something outside of yourself. You have everything within you already, and it then creates tones and effects outside of you. You have like a common thread through your life from your soul contract, which constantly helps you follow your unique life. As you walk on Earth, various questions, life crises, twist and turns, and development processes arise – and your soul and your own light team, who know your life thread, constantly help you with guidance to be able to follow it.
Sometimes that guidance takes place through signs of various kinds, often in combination with a feeling that reinforces the sign/guidance. These signs can come through words from others, through something special you are drawn to read, through meetings, through images and music, through signs in nature, through an inner feeling, etc. It can happen through synchronicities, and through opportunities where you get to know yourself and your inner voice more strongly. It can also happen via thought impulses directly from your soul consciousness or your light team.

So, how do you better listen to life’s guidance and these signs? And what do they want to tell you?

Part of this guidance is direct help in something, to help you in a certain direction that is positive for you or that gives a certain insight. Some are about warning about something. Some are about developing yourself, understanding your own patterns, to be able to choose a different path. It is therefore about being able to discern life’s guidance as well, as what it wants to say.

In order to listen and understand this type of guidance better, and listen inward better, your sensitivity and ability to perceive subtle signals need to be accepted as important. Many times in life we have been taught to wave these subtle signals away, as unimportant, dreamy, or too vague to mean anything. That way of thinking is the three-dimensional approach, where everything must manifest itself more physically and practically, and where coincidences are purely coincidental.

As we integrate and amplify more finely tuned frequencies within us and in our energy fields, we will notice changes more easily within the energy fields and in our bodies. When we turn inward in, for example, meditation and contemplation, we also open the door to being able to listen better.

Anything that helps us reduce analyzing and trying to “figure things out” are good things to practice. For example, more mindfulness, more presence in everything you do, stopping running away from troublesome things, affirming feelings, expressing yourself from the heart, seeing beyond what you see with your physical eyes, seeing in a larger perspective, listening more with your inner self than with your physical ears, and more…

You have no idea how amazing your inner world actually is! And how much you already know. How much your soul already knows and tries to help you with. You are one with life! Acknowledge that flow.

Lis Sunoya & The Light Team – For The New Golden Era

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