Our inner mystery



We humans are guided by an inner light. A source of life, that wants to express itself in many different ways, and experience many different things, to understand creation itself and the expansive consciousness we are all a part of.

In our everyday life, it can express itself in different ways, and it is easy to lose the thread sometimes, the one that leads us forward, if one does not build or maintain one’s inner connection with heart and soul. It’s easy to feel anxious about the unknown, and feel confused when you don’t feel or trust your own inner connection on a deeper level.

We humans are quite complex, but also very unique, depending on how you look at it. We have millions of energy threads running through us from different times and places, experiences, thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

From the outside, we cannot understand what is going on inside another person’s heart and soul. Each individual carries with them a whole spectrum of threads, which carry the person forward, or sometimes stop the flow. These dreams, fears, worries or forward thinking, are like hidden treasures that we can explore and understand.

Our underlying mystery in each individual is then opened and blooms like a flower as it is met with empathy, openness and respect, both from self and others.

Don’t judge what you don’t know about someone else. Listen. Do not believe something based on prejudice or ignorance. Ask. Don’t criticize what you yourself really need to understand. Turn it around.

Embrace life and your own inner mystery. It is an absolutely fantastic mystery that wants to live here and now.

Liselotte & the Light Team

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