The heart is the portal through the mist

The center of deep emotions, healing, harmony, soul connection and light – is expanding its well of wisdom. The awakened heart is here to ensure, to lift the veil, and to raise the vibration. It is that kind of love for life itself that originates from the deepest roots, from the ancestors who know all about human history, and from the benevolent evolved galactic families who recognize what we are going through on earth right now. They are here to help us see the higher timeline. They say that humans are so used to repeating patterns, and that this turns off the ability to grow, evolve and feel their own strength. They are asking us to see through the repeated patterns of society.

Human’s empathy of the most sacred gift of all, is rising through the mist. It’s like a bear mother echoing her roar through the land of the pulsating heart, ready to expand. Some might be scared by this energy, some will see things more clearly from it, and some will join in. To protect what has sprung from the heart in humans, the children who are the more evolved souls, have come together on earth as newborn star troops from a higher realm to spread their light. Remember how new life starts, the heart says. Remember the purity and what life is all about. Life creation is the most natural form of source expression. The soul screams when the wings of a pure, already perfect life form get their wings altered.

Everything is alright though, in the now and in the perspective of eternity. All shall pass as a terrible hurricane, and the dust will settle. Eventually, different timelines melt together more and create a stable new main one for the future. No one who is meant to stay on earth, will be left behind. The collective energy does rise above those who do not see, above those who are controlling, or are being controlled. It rises above those who are trying to repeat history and worse. Soon the visible tipping point will lead people to a more mutual understanding of what life is, and isn’t. That will set people free inside, and then the voices of humanity will move everything forward. Guided into the future timeline of hope, joy, love, higher consciousness, abundance and freedom. Feel it. Learn to navigate in the dark. It is touchable through your senses. Be who you ARE. That is your compass through the stage of mist and will lead you through your portal.

Lis Sunoya – The Light Administrator, The Andromedan’s & The Earth Wisdom Keepers – For The New Golden Age. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

The way out of a shock


Shock can cause a type of paralysis in various chakras that cause the energies to “freeze” or partially solidify. If you look energetically at what it looks like, the energy does not flow as it should in different places and all the chakras have a harder time communicating with each other and letting the energy flow. It usually looks a little different in intensity if it is an old unprocessed shock that lies beneath the surface or if it is a newly experienced shock.

The energy impact that a person can experience after a shock, is some form of energy loss and a certain internal shutdown. It can also feel like you are starting to survive instead of living. The ability to feel and think clearly can feel different, all while the trauma feelings are recurring, with less intensity and intervals after a certain time. The very feeling of being “out of touch” with oneself comes from the inner stagnation that has taken place, and means that one does not always have contact with all of one’s inner tools. It can be similar to a muscle that gets stuck in a cramp and gets less oxygen. But wait – this is only temporary. There are always solutions.


A shock can feel like being without a lifeline, without a life jacket, and without a feeling of having something to hold on to. The ground you stand on opens a large hole.

The way out of shock and to heal a trauma that has arisen in just that way, needs emotional security and perspective. Security is given in the form of continuous attention to the love within, to the cradle of life and soul. To the cradle where you always know you’re being held. It is also given by promoting exercises that fill the energy system with circulation and new space where it feels stagnant. All to bring in more of the flow of light where it has previously been restricted.

Highlighting a new perspective on life’s great puzzles and their possibilities, and thereby paving the way for new paths of thought, also helps not to get caught up in the same thoughts over and over again. The state that “froze” the energy within one or more chakras, can thus be dissolved with new awareness and to allow oneself to FEEL, in order to also be able to GIVE what one needs to oneself. The shock is reduced and healed with new bright energies, new learning, and emotional security.

Remember that even if the internal connections and bridges that previously existed feel burned, new paths in both the nervous system, emotions and consciousness can always be built up and create new fantastic bridges inside. Maybe even stronger than before. It is actually the case that your soul is always in the creation of its energy and wants to self-heal everything in our everyday life. Basically, you are already WHOLE and an absolutely amazing soul who wander here and now in this life. Everything you ever need to live this life will never go away. ♥♥♥

Lis Sunoya & The Light team

A message from my earthly soul tribe

Photo: “Pretty Nose”, 1878.


The soul family that walks next to me, wants to give hope. They say that the mountains will rise again, the oceans will calm down again, the trees will sing their song again, and that the sun will shine brighter than before. One of my missions on earth and in many lives is to heal “soul illness”. This does not mean that the soul is sick, it can never be, but the human life where the soul lives can be. They say that soul illness on earth right now comes when humans have become lost within themselves, when the contact with the soul and the surroundings (nature, animals, the environment and other people) is to some extent broken, lost, or overlooked. Humans need to unite with themselves and as a human race.

Photo: Tohomish, aka “Pine Voice”, 1900.

On earth, in the lower vibration, humans can get lost in their contact with life and with that which created life. The hope lays in finding the way again. To light up the path towards the true heart, and the spiritual abundance that everyone carries. It is a duffel bag equipped with everything you need for this life. No mistakes are made. Creation does not know how mistakes are made. It only knows what you need to perform the journey you have chosen, in what form it should take place.

Back to the roots. Through them the deepest voice within you rumbles. The one who then gets the power to ascend and unite with the energy of the universe. In that fusion, you can live for your purpose on earth. With growing awareness of what created you, and how that energy of life constantly flows through you in its natural orbits.

Nature shows you the power that a human body needs. The wisdom you have accumulated through all your lives, those on earth and in other locations and dimensions, accompanies you. Listen to everything you are… You know what is the energy of life, how you get access to it – and what is not life and that can instead create a so-called soul illness.

Find the path, even if it is brand new right now. Be an explorer more than ever. A nomad with the earth dusting around your feet, and the wind blowing in your hair. A drumming sound is heard, can you hear it..? It is the sound of a calling. From your origin, from your source. Let the light descend into your holy body and let it change thoughts, feelings and patterns. Blow away the volcano you are carrying. Blow away the fear you carry. Blow away humans imposed guilt. Stand in your origin and shine with strength.

Hope is here. It will come when it is almost gone. Never ever so strong. ♥

Lis Sunoya


Hi dear readers. Here is a new channeling about the time we are in from my spiritual light guides. They bring useful information and advice for us all. Keep shining! ♥

Channeling August 3, 2021

“We greet you with love and light. Here in our dimension, doubts are heard and felt from your earth plane, which is now being transformed into a living multifaceted power again through your consciousness. In the transformation, anxiety is heard from the earth’s crust – from buds when they erupt, or when emotions freeze to ice, or from within of people when a certain struggle against change takes place, due to uncertainty.

We would like to highlight and help you relax inside of your energy centers, and through that create a reception for new energies. In order for you to be able to receive the vibrations and tones that are now being transported at high speed towards the earth and are rising in frequency regularly, a certain surrender to inner faith and relaxation in your muscle and nerve fibers is needed. The muscles will begin to store more light for you, and the nerve fibers have always been carriers of information, and which are now constantly renewed. You have stepped into a space of powerful vibrations and will be there for thousands of years. The earth does not disappear, it is being transformed from the inside out, so do you. But from a parallel point of view, you all have your own created version of the earth and life there. Through development and daily presence with each other, your timelines often meet, therefore a certain structure of the earth’s shape and energy that you experience as “ordinary” is retained.

Through the “eye of the needle” everything that you have carried for so long is cleared away from this experienced life, and from other lives, which have kept you under a bar of lower vibrations. Sorrow, pain, doubt, guilt, fear, anxiety, flight, hatred and other emotions. Now you are undergoing a total purification and refinement for a period. That period is individual, even if your broad and overlapping consciousness is followed.

For some, cleansing feels almost unbearable at times. Two opposites and polarities meet inside within different areas, to try to unite, forgive and heal. It can feel tiring. Like you are re-experiencing old wounds that are being illuminated by the other pole extra much now. Sometimes escapes behaviors of various kinds can occur to avoid feeling this, often in the form of denial or distraction. And everything that thereby helps to strengthen that protection mechanism, is leaned against to find a temporary power from. This belongs to an old way of surviving on earth, something that will no longer exist. You have full permission to LIVE now, not just survive. You can flourish, live in strength, trust, love, joy, healing, expansion and in a clear consciousness with all that it entails.

The inner tension and the feeling of discomfort when energies within you want to be purified, is really just the voice of the soul screaming for itself. Who calls out. Who wants to break through the polarities and rise with its clear bright voice once and for all. In unity with himself in all incarnations. This internal conflict in healing may exist to a very small degree in a large number of people on earth, or have expanded and established itself to a large extent. Fear and flight lie in a low vibration, while the higher consciousness calls and tries more and more to raise the vibration. The protective mechanisms may be well hidden, for example in maintaining a certain amount/regularity of numbing substances, suppressing higher frequencies such as joy, peace and love, difficulties and lack of patience to meditate/tune in, maintenance of destructive thought waves instead of positive waves of thought, avoidance of clear thinking, denial of their own self-worth and lack of contact with the feeling of love.

Through the higher frequency of the heart, all this will be transformed, regardless of the degree of purification and release required. It is the new frequencies that reach you now that will activate the heart in stages. It exist like a tunnel through the heart’s chambers via the brain and out to the higher dimensions that download information through the body to the nerve impulses that are then sent out from the heart. The circulation then starts with the new information and activation of your light DNA and the multi-energy that exists in your actual descent.

Our advice is to embrace yourself in this passage of purification and reception. Look clearly at your lives, what kind of joy and ease you give to them. Where fear has taken over that leads you away from the soul. Where the connection with the innermost has been broken, and when. Reinstall the connections by opening up to everything with a higher and lighter frequency in life and to the physical body. Heal and use insights to regain your full potential to live as human beings. Do what you need to relax in muscles and nerves, as they will bring you light integration. Distinguish between what the poles within you want to teach you, and how you can unite with yourself. In your own wholeness, the goal will be close. For every person and for every occasion that someone chooses a union with its true origin instead of maintaining the inner separation, the earth and its inhabitants are also healed. It is already underway but will increase with conscious responsibility. Your inner lanterns shine so brightly, continue like this.” ♥

The Light Administrator from The Council of Seven – through Lis Sunoya


Month by month for a period of time, new light updates are going on in our energy body and physical body. Spiritually and physically, we are ascending to higher, finer and faster-vibrating energies, and thereby new ways of living our lives. The Sun, the Central Sun, and the Futon Belt near the Pleiades are now also helping to create our new age. These are strong forces and it can be felt in many ways depending on what we need to let go of within ourselves. But it is a long-awaited time.

Dormant DNA is brought to life, which will give us new gifts that we actually carried within all the time. Our level of consciousness will be raised, which expands the way we think, our perspectives, our intuitive ability, etc. Our chakras are undergoing a major change in frequencies and colors. Something I clearly saw in my own body when I meditate. A clearer world within us and outside us is born. At exactly the pace that is meant for the individual and the collective.

In August, (date will be announced soon!) I will arrange a GUIDED MEDITATION and do a LIVE CHANNELING that helps in our processes. Warmly welcome to participate!

Register via the link below. Feel free to invite your friends to this magical moment! 🌞💖🌞

Lis Sunoya

In the heart of the feminine power

Hello friends of light. ♥ Today I want to be a voice for the woman and for the feminine energy. I have written about the theme before, that we are now entering a time when masculinity and femininity must be balanced within us, and that the step forward for all women who have tried to adapt to a masculine world is now supported by the whole universe, to the right to be and feel as valuable as the masculine energy. Our entire existence constantly strives to achieve a balance between all our energies. Those we have on earth, and those in other existences. It is a natural process but is now on a trampoline.

To heal our femininity, our feminine energy, from oppression, inferiority, shame and so on – we need to look within to our own history. To see our patterns through generations, where the voice has been silenced, where the woman has been violated, suppressed, and where she has been influenced by our ancestors’ programming in obligations towards the masculine energy. Where we adapted to what is expected. Where we have had to fight, where society has encouraged us to live by the ideal of masculine power for what success is.

But if we could allow ourselves to relax and live out our feminine energy, and feel the value in it without guilt, then who would we be?

After the reflection within us, we can begin the journey towards a greater affirmative where we heal and celebrate our feminine power. It is important now not to get caught up in history, even if it has affected us a lot. Time is accelerating far too fast for that, and we want to make sure to look ahead after our inner journey of discovery. It is important to find forgiveness, but then plant visual seeds of balance between the feminine and masculine energy. We must highlight and honor ourselves in the energy given to us all. It is a time when the world needs mother earth and the feminine energy of nourishment, care, reception and softness. And with the masculine energy, we can make that change in respect. As we now allow, invite and reshape the future of our children.

The meeting between masculine and feminine within us takes place in an infinitely beautiful dance… It’s like an old love story that got lost, but which is now to be reunited. They are meant for each other, to collaborate and live side by side. The rhythm happens to the music, as the universe is orchestrated for us. The stage invites us to enter together. Let us help each other heal history with its power structures that have kept both men and women on the carpet and within specific frameworks. Let us affirm all sides within us and find the balance now.

My light guides say that we are in a new beginning of the world, and that it is therefore important not to get caught up in history even if we need to look at it for a while. Let us manifest a new time. From here and now, the journey begins to experience balanced love and power within us and in relationships. An enormous strength grows out of it, where allowing who we are, gives us the pieces of the puzzle to each other.

If You feel that you need to heal your feminine or masculine energy within you, then I recommend working with light healing, individually coded affirmations and meditation. ♥

Be well! ♥ / Liselotte

7 advice on how to change your life!

Photo taken while in France 2018

Have you ever felt or thought that: “I have tried and I must probably accept now that it does not always turn out the way I want? Life is still pretty good…”

You’re not alone! It is one of the most common thought patterns that can occur in life, after perhaps years of struggling with something. It can apply to everything, such as work, relationships, interests, personal development, health, etc. The resignation finally creeps in, lowers your energy level, and makes itself completely uninvited at home within you, and no longer intends to give way to the forward-thinking dreamer within you. But, be calm – there is usually one or more solutions to this. It’s just a matter of finding what it is that perhaps makes you to never take that very last step needed to overcome it.

Here are 7 tips for you that you can think about if there is something you have not done and want to do to create the life that is warm in your heart or that repeatedly keep reminding you inside…♥

  • Some people who want to change their lives, do it a little half-heartedly. What do I mean by that? Yes, that you think that you would like to do something, you talk about it sometimes, but do nothing or very little about it. Half-hearted attempts can be to try a little, but to back off when resistance is experienced, in itself, from the environment or in a situation. You may not know how to do something, and instead of researching more or getting help, you lose hope or think that it is probably not that important… Ex: “I’ll be fine anyway”. “I have to be satisfied like this.” “I’m so old anyway.” “It’s probably just me who thinks like this.” “It would never work.” “What would others say?”
  • Trust. Have confidence in life and yourself. You feel like you do for a reason, and it’s worth investigating and be taken seriously. It is about respect for who you are as a person and self-love. You often grow as a person for every obstacle you overcome, so have confidence in your own process, regardless of the pace of it. Accept the uncertainty, but trust in what you feel, and take steps forward.
  • Fears. Often you do not start a change or go through with it fully, because the fear of how the result will be is too big. What if? Fear often causes us to paint pictures in our minds that are not true at all. Distinguish between what your fears are, and what your spiritual soul voice says. Sometimes you need to dare to jump without seeing the whole picture. As long as you implement your change responsibly, fears are there to be overcome, not be controlled by. They are not your true self. In your soul there is a lot of zest for life, joy and inspiration that wants to be expressed here on earth. Dare to open that door more.
  • “I feel like I want to do something, but do not know what?” Some of you may recognize that? And some of you may have let that phase stop your entire personal journey. Because it is only a step, which can develop into inner knowledge if you listen inwardly to yourself. We have often been so used to solving questions through our mental capacity, and by sharing our thoughts with the outside world, instead of feeling the answer. The answer to what exactly you need and wish is in there, in your heart.
  • Expectations. There is often an obstacle to get over here. To release guilt, shame or expectations from the environment and/or society. Try to strengthen the relationship with yourself in a loving way. Give yourself permission to first dream, wish and listen to your needs. Then take it step by step towards it. If you feel that you are doing what you need out of love, then it will feel easier.
  • Act. Just wanting a change is not always the best solution. Even if you use the law of attraction and the energy field of quantum physics. When your dream, the wish and desire to change something is in place within you – by both seeing and feeling what it would feel like to do it or be in that situation, you need to start to act. Show the universe and life exactly which path you want to take. Ex: Participate in what you need, finish something to be able to start something else, contact people you think can help you, tell the environment, study what you need, book what you need, etc. Show that you are already in the energy timeline of what you want and act in that direction.
  • Repetition and healing. In some cases, things need to be repeated for you to get where you want to go. I meet many in my coaching work who is about to give up their business idea, because it has not led them where they want. Or that money has not come in to be able to experience something, to be able to live in a new way, etc. Do not give up. The key here is to continue… You have NOT felt wrong in what you want. Your soul and spiritual guides always speak to you for a reason. You just have not found the tool yet, overcome your inner obstacles to get the “click” inside you. Give yourself praise along the way, celebrate small and big steps and take charge. Your will and belief in yourself is crucial. If not before, it is also in this phase that old programmed patterns often make themselves known. They can be both conscious or subconscious. Ex. That you have become accustomed from childhood that things are in a certain way, learned to live in a certain way, are treated in a certain way, and these are the frameworks you then have for your own adult life. It can be about how you want to be loved, finances, life situations, the ability to trust yourself, the individual gifts you have, and more. You can either work with those patterns yourself to dissolve them or get help from someone else. But trusting what you feel is important for you in life for it to change. ♥

♥ /Liselotte Sunoya Johansson – Golden Hearts

Channeling – Let the new energy expand

Hi dear friends of light! It was a while ago since I published a channeling here. Much has happened lately, and today my light guides wanted to speak to you all. I hand over the communication entirely to them, to see what they have to say. Be well in all that you are.

”Dear friends on earth. In your dimension, the energy shifts a lot right now. From one thing to another, from one perspective to another, from one dimension to another. We see your longing to stabilize the new age, the overflowing era on earth. That time comes, and are here even now. When you see through other eyes than those who has been trained to see short term or short distance and instead see in big perspectives, everything will come to you immediately. It may feel contradictory, to let go of the short term views, for everything to be able to come to you now. But that is how the multidimensional world works, the one you are born to be, the one your souls shine.

Let that part of you come forward, that part where you are magical masters over your energy and your world. You and no one else controls that. You create life on earth. You are the masters. Go into the authentic identity. Many times in life you are being tested to be authentic. To trust your intuition, and not let “the ego” push its own survival plan. To show what deep within feels right. To show emotions from a grounded soulful foundation where no trigger symptoms are being shown. There are many examples. What we want to bring forward in your hearts through the authentic energy is, that when life’s identity dares to be peeled off, there is only one energy, the true one. That is an energy many are afraid of getting in contact with, fully. Mankind still fights with the image of how they should be, instead of creating their own life out of the pure true energy.

Regarding the crimes that have happened all over the earth, we would like to say, that justice will arise. Faster than even the ego would like to, when you stop see short-term and see larger perspectives and live in the now. Everything happens in the now, so is the energy that wishes justice of its spiritual power. We come with the light, the hope, and the love. We come with golden footprints for you to wander in. They are ready for you, to feel the safety in this era that lift your lives to the next level. In cooperation with each other, you will build new societies out of the core and consciousness of the earth. To live in harmony and balance, you need to be connected with mother earth’s consciousness. It is through her that the planet’s heart and your hearts can live free. It is through her the compassion and nutrition of life are being born in a new form. Believe not, that you are going back to any old way of living. You will innovate the world and how you live with the soul with the energy of mother earth’s heart. Through this energy right choices will be born, through that the rhythm within you will change, stress-related diseases will end, and you will find your creativity as it is meant to be. It will bring you further in common collaborations in different projects over the earth, in her heart energy.

What we also would like to advise you about right now, is to be a bit careful with your longing. It can take you away from the magic in the now. Discover what is happening now, who you are now, what life is saying now, what the animals show now, what the ocean wants you to discover, what the wind whisper through the trees. The branches in your own tree, the tree of life, are ready to absorb life and let the flow expand. Not any other moment on earth is greater as now, as great as ever. Understand how comprehensive that energy is, and what is possible when you let go and step into the trunk of the tree. The tree of life is not a place, it is the energy within you. And it is being developed now.

Have you seen or felt how this want to sparkle like fireworks inside? Have you felt the power that wants out? Don’t turn it against yourself, don’t close it inside. It is then it creates frustration, overload that creates tiredness, skin problems, restlessness. Live in the flow of the energy, in the balance, in the abundance, in the power. It leads you further now. Your development are BIG. But the difference between people is also big. Some jump happily over what can look like a scary cliff, and land nicely on the other side. Some jump despite a heavy rucksack. Some don’t know that they need to jump to be able to leave the old world. Not yet. Don’t be sad over differences. Be in harmony, and when the now will be reinforced with everyone, everyone who has the “strength”, will jump. Those who haven’t will continue to live their summery of life and be happy with that. So, do not be sad over the few who don’t choose the new times energy. We say “strength”, because it sums the energy more than anything else, and doesn’t necessarily have to do with physical health. Every human was born with individual assignments. Do not judge their choice of life, it is right for them, and on a spiritual level, it springs from the light too. And sometimes the greatest insight and jumps happen right at the moment of death, when a person dies, and everything will then be completed. In the new dimension, karma will not continue, you will then live more direct in your power. So the idea of life lessons will be toned out. During a couple of generations, there will still be necessary to do healing work of the effect of the old world, during the transition and when the multidimensional experience of life is being developed.

May you live with peace in your mind, and love in your whole being.”

♥ The Golden Light Administrator & The Council of Seven

Channeled through Lis Sunoya

Liselotte Sunoya Johansson

What is magic?

Well, that is a subject! What is magic?

When I think of magic, it includes a lot of things. When I look at a newly born little bumblebee land at a flower, knowing exactly what to do, isn’t that magical… Every time I pass a lake at my walks and see the forest mirror itself in the clear and still water surface, I just feel amazed. I feel magical when my body heals from something, and knowing that if we listen, it will show or tell us what it needs.

I see the magic when the sky shows me signs in the form of a cloud, or when I hear a song being played on the radio with lyrics that fit just perfect right then. I feel it is magic going on when I meet my clients and interact with them in a combined purpose to heal or open up a new path in mind and life. When my spiritual light guides talk to me. I see magic all around when people hug and love each other.

In springtime, it is really magical to see how nature every year knows exactly what to do, and burst out into abundant life. Or in the autumn, when it knows how to rest and follow the natural chi of life. Have you zoomed in a leaf and looked at the structure? Or have you read about how the trees communicate with each other with their big root system, signaling and helping with nourishment or water to one another? It is so much going on that is amazing- right in front of us – for us to discover.

We all belong, energetically, through our souls, and we want to build bridges in the world… We can help each other as a whole by developing as humans, and being in contact with our inner source and our Golden Hearts. Think about it. Our souls are humans roots. And if we tune in to this network of experience and wisdom, we can strengthen that abundant power of natural flowing energy, and connect with each other in a totally new or deeper way. Yes, it is magic.

Mother earth is magical. She is the warm embrace of wisdom and love. If we listen, her voice is very clear and can help every incarnated soul in how to live on earth. She can tell how to heal traumas, how to be patient, how to be in the now, how to grow, let go, trust your instinct and so much more.

If you havn’t thought about everything that actually works very well in life, in your body, in nature, at earth before – think about it. It is truly magical. ♥ Be well! ♥♥♥ /Liselotte

Global soul integration 2020

Hi dear friends! ♥ What a flying start the new year has taken, right? I thought I might share what I feel from a soul level about the situation in the world right now with help of my clairvoyance.

It is a time that is being characterized by expansion on all levels. When expansion happens, much space is being created and freeing the old, making whatever needs to come up to the surface, that has not been faced before, will do so now. Therefore you can see many fears in the world and people may react from a root level. The reason for that can be many. Partly unprocessed feelings that are being lifted up to the surface to be able to heal properly. Perhaps the letting go of an ego-driven lifestyle. Maybe the fact that not everyone has actually been here on earth so properly with the soul integrated in their human life, the one you have once chosen with your consciousness to experience. Whatever the reason for all this, the people of the world are now being shaken to fully wake up from their illusions, their denials and to fully step into the power of the soul and its new time age. It is from love and light that the humans will live and work in the new future, not from a fear-based reality, with its patterns and thoughts. It is a process which will be going on in different phases, and one of them we are seeing now. ♥

In all times improvement is able to happen after crises, as it will now. And in this case, the crises are supposed to wake us up to fully step into honesty with ourselves. Into abundance of free energy. To let our inner emotional space of love and compassion grow and let other solutions in on how to live on earth come forward. All from an integrated soul. If you haven’t been in this honest state with yourself fully earlier, it is time to be present in that now. You have chosen this life to experience, develop, and live your purpose. Everything that is taking you away from all that are different kinds of denials or fears. ♥

You can be present by wanting to look at your self, your patterns and life with more open eyes. You are present when you listen to your inner voice, follow that and trust what you are feeling. You get to know your self very deeply by listening to the right source, and stop putting temporary band-aid on your wounds. Instead you nurish them lovingly til they have healed and you feel new inspiration pour into your life!

Practically it is a perfect time now to set aside time for meditation, using freeing breathing techniques and dance, and to exercise in an easy way with the purpose to let go of inner tensions, worry, but at the same time let more joy come forward. It is time to really embrace the happiness and freedom within you. How can I talk about this during an experienced crises like we can see in the world today? Well, because we are going through a big energy shift that will raise the frequency on earth, and among the people and animals. And you can make all this easier for your self and others by embracing the feeling that this is going to be easy, feeling flowing and healing for you. What better way, than stimulate to more joy and liberation of heavy feelings within you? ♥

Also, try to keep the focus on what You need to do for Your inner self, and don’t judge others for how they reacts, feel and express their feelings of for example anger and frustration. It is unstable right now, because of what needs cleansing and understanding. The best thing you can do is to raise the perspective on the circumstances, be conscious, feel the purpose, and practice on both having faith to your self, to life, and other people’s processes. Even selfish actions from others that can make you want to think in a certain way, will eventually be put out of play of this huge transformation. Have faith and rest in your fantastic soul power and inner light! Trust what you are feeling when you are in contact with your inner being and the soul. That is where the truthful heart is. ♥ ♥ ♥

// Liselotte Sunoya Johansson

THE LOVE – a poem of trust

Hi lovely friends ♥ I hope all is well with you out there and that you have faith in what is happening now. We are in the middle of a global awakening for the whole of humanity, which will lead to higher frequencies, a changed society structure and building of something new that is so much better and brighter. Have faith! Everything leads to something good. Here is a reminder and poem about being in the feeling of love instead of fear. Be well! ♥


I am speaking to you. Me, The Love, which floats through all of your existence. Like the blood in your veins. Sometimes you don’t feel me, hear me, or see me. It is nobody’s fault. The Love, invisible or visible, can never be wrong. I just am. Even when you are afraid I am there, and trying to expand over and under what you are feeling. To embrace you in my warm safe arms, until you are breathing calmly again. It is when you relax as I fill you up, as a whole. It is then you feel me, hear me, understand me. I only want you well. So well, so well. Like nothing else. ♥

I am The Love. I am the one who rises in courage, when you wilt. I am the one who allows when you are hindering. I am the one who spread joy when you are being weighed down. Where I exist there is only a flow of light and overflow of energy. Where I live endless of possibilities opens up. Where I live no seeking is needed. I am always, in you. My words whisper to open eyes and open hearts. But even if they are closed, I am there tirelessly to remind. My words also awakens passion, fire, and decisiveness. My words are endless, just like you. In an eternal dance, I breathe through you, that is why you live. My presence awakes you when you are asleep. My presence encourages you to dare and let the adventure lead you. ♥

Sometimes it can seem like I hurt others, but that is an impossibility. Other things hurt, but I love, never hurt, I just love. Over and over again. Free from sorrow. Free as the wind. Through me, you can hear your inner being and your core. Through me, you can understand your world around you and forgive without guilt. You can understand why my opposite, fear, becomes helpless. My power understands. My energy overcomes, heals, educates. It is infinitely easy to be in me. So I say, me who knows me. It is in the fear it is hard to live, not in me. Se the bright, see The Love, see me in all your life. Embrace me as I embrace you. Together we are unbeatable winners of life. A life that allows transformation and who are happy to participate. Don’t hide me or forget me. I am the flame you are living of. ♥ ♥ ♥

By: Liselotte Sunoya Johansson

Worry from a soul perspective

Hi dear reader, I felt the need to write about a big subject today – WORRY. In a society where fear and worry many times are in control, it creates a collective effect of not being safe. On an individual level that means, the reality is being created out of the need of feeling safe and to reduce fear. Overall, fear are holding back our natural ability to think clearly, to create our own lives, to follow our gut feeling, the intuition and to live a life with a base of love. ♥

In the energy and “base station” love, there is automatically safety, trust, creativity, joy and openness. Safety built on fear on the other hand is not a true safety, but is a limiting energy and reduction of your soul power and life on earth. It activates resistance both between the soul and the body, and between your life and the world around you. Worry/fear/anxiety hinders the natural flows from the heart, to instead reduce the creativity, increases your stress, weakens the immune system, holding back your most inner wishes and more. Experienced safety through being in our truthful existence on the other hand, is a safety that allows expansion and development, makes us creative, powerful and are free from programmings, your own and others.

It is healthy to question when others are trying to create fear to control from where our inner safety should come from. It hinders your life journey and the development on earth. A development that is supposed to be led forward. No one in the entire world can replace that inner feeling of safety and the natural ability you have to feel that. Your soul is a free and safe energy. It is only temporary solutions to maintain the ”fake” safety, which has been building up within the individual or/and in the collective consciousness.

When something is rocking and shakes your falsely structured safety build on fear, take one step back and look at the whole picture. What is happening from a higher perspective and what part you have. One step back sometimes means forward, into yourself and into real safety. From that contact you can continue to create a life with a foundation of trust and joy. Worry can’t exist from that foundation. Always know that different kinds of worry are or have been created from outside – from others, old experiences, programmings of how we “should” think and react, and from the feeling and belief of lack of belonging. In the soul, fear doesn’t exist, which means that it is not part of your natural condition. You are not fear, your soul can’t either create it or letting itself be controlled by it – it is added from outside of you to your personality.

Then do you understand what an enormous power and energy you have? Have you felt it? Is it the energy you nourish? When something is ”in your face” and feels like an energy of worry, you have the ability to turn that feeling around and create a life from a totally different source. To heal old patterns and experiences. To live with an awake and truthful eye and see through everything and choose differently. To change, but not because of fear, but thanks to love, in an honest treatment of yourself and the world around you. Because we know that we are on our way to something different, something far more beautiful and stronger than what the world is mirroring today. It is about time for a turnaround of our collective consciousness, and the responsibility lays within each and everyone and what we contribute with. ♥

🤗🙏💓 // Liselotte Sunoya Johansson

By standing tall you reach the sun

Rise up…

Hi wonderful people of the world. ♥ Here in southeast of Sweden we don’t have any snow this year. I can’t remember that this has happened any time at all during my whole life.

Energetically I feel how the nature pulsates rather strong at the moment. It’s taking big breaths in and out… and letting go of toxic energy up to the sky, and taking in nutrition from mother earth. In slow but big and strong breaths we are kind of taking charge… This is a really good place to find your own inner balance and rhythm now, with help of the trees, the green moss and wild birds.

Who’s rising up from the moss…?

When you need to stand tall in life – how do you do that? Do you listen when you feel the need to not hide in the moss anymore, when you need to stand your ground, or feel proud of who you are? Our souls always hold us in a cup of love for our human experience on earth. It never judges or thinks you should belittle yourself, your passions or the gifts you have. Not from an ego angle, only from the greatness of your being. Because you are. Amazing. Fantastic. Part of everything there is. Rise up, stand tall, and shine in the sun. Let the light mirror all that you are. When you have risen, only light can be mirrored into your life.

This winter, is skipping winter. It dares to take a BIG leap from autumn into spring almost! Well, I don’t know for sure… Yet, snow can still come. But it is anyhow so different. Like a big transformation. Like nature says: let’s take a big stand! Rise up and let go of all things from the past. Let’s go and get into the new time age, with lively, strong and curious energy. With a will to change and develop. With authenticity and loving hearts. ♥ / Liselotte

Nature signals a new time with a lot of clarity in it.

Amazings in a photo from France

Lunch time in Antibes, october 2018.

Hi there! ♥ This is a photo I took when I was in France earlier this year and last year and there are several “amazings” going on here… I sat down at a restaurant to eat in Antibes, and saw this woman walking by. I quickly used my mobile phone, to capture her and I just think it’s amazing… She just had such grace while crossing the little square. I wish it was a video clip. But that’s not all. At the same time, a couple happened to hug and also got caught in the photo. And, what I didn’t saw in the picture at first, was yet another dimension to it. Behind the couple, up on the wall, you can see a small statue. That statue is actually a couple hugging or holding each other too. ♥ How much love can happen to appear in a photo? ☺

I just loved the narrow streets or on walking paths. So many beautiful details to see.

So, if we look at this, it kind of delivers several different dimensions of what we see. At first glimpse we might see the woman on the square, then we discover the couple hugging, and IF we look very closely we might see the statue behind them. Just like in real life. We can choose to see the big picture when we need or want to, and we can choose to look into details if we like. Right now, I have a broad perspective on many things in life, because I am very good at looking into details – too much sometimes. So I am learning to let go earlier in different projects or situations, to be able to move forward with what I do. To trust the process of things more. Sometimes it needs the liberty to solve itself along the way, otherwise it might never start. It is a freeing feeling and invites so much ease! Are you good at going with the flow in life, or are you getting stuck in smaller perspectives or details too often? Is this allowing your life to live? ♥ // Liselotte

Are you being judged for being you?

I admire people who dare to walk their own path and are themselves, in a respectful way. Because I know how much courage it takes sometimes to be that person, and how long process it can be to get there, to be true to who you are. I know.

Why do we tend to fall into patterns or expectations, when in fact what is different, unique or “weird” about us are our strengths and may be that one thing we are here to share with others and experience more of in ourselves. You are not born to be someone else, you are born to be you, and your responsibility towards yourself is to find out who that really is. Think at it like this – you are a limited edition! Be that unique person, in honesty with who you are. People who are supposed to be in your life, when you have chosen YOU, will accept you, care for you or love you for who you are.

A little pier in Västervik on a windy day

When it appears like you are being judged for who you are, the things you do, stand for, or love to do – there are underlying energies behind that. What are not understandable or fit into a certain “norm”, are things that people may fear. So they don’t really judge you if you think of it, they fear what you are or do for some reason, that you dare to be different, and from that feeling – they react. Fear limits the unique personality that we have, and are not allowing space to our given freedom of choice. So if someone not yet has chosen their freedom in life, their own path, you challenge their perception of reality. Only that. It doesn’t mean that you are wrong, or should start to limit yourself or who you are because someone else is not open-minded enough towards you.

The process of not feeling judged by others anymore, is all about learning to love yourself really. To accept. Get to know how amazing your inner strength is, how unique you are, what gifts you have, and what you actually have to give in this world. Be honest about what makes you tick, feeling happy, the interest you have, special peculiarities, and be open to growing into your own power. When you lift your inner spirit, let your soul shine through and choose to discover the true you, you are magnetic! And people who stay or comes into your life when you are in that energy, they will support you. ♥

Keep shining! ♥ // Liselotte

Putting it all together

At Skanvik outside Västervik

I am feeling so grateful. ♥ A client of mine got in touch and told me how her life totally changed after our meeting. It wasn’t about any revolutionary information that gave that effect, but about the puzzle pieces that were scattered in her life, were put together, got a wholeness and understanding. I thought it was such a nice comparison of our intuitive healing conversation and how it helped her.

When we don’t get our puzzle pieces together in life, we feel shattered, confused and it is hard to listen to our inner being. Our soul always naturally search for wholeness and balance, exactly like our physical body does. The soul and the personality can sometimes strive in different directions though and disruption occurs. What are we going to do then? A good idea could be to start with that one puzzle piece that stands out in the crowd. Focus on what feels the strongest, what occupies thoughts and feelings a lot, and that one thing that always keeps coming back inside of you and in your life. Start to be aware of what that wants to tell you.

Västerviks archipelago

To change your life takes courage. But that is something you have. Everyone was born with it and possess an endless source of power, light and a strong direction for your journey here on earth. When we direct our conscious intention towards solution and development, we are invited to possibilities. We get released from our stagnation and the feeling of change is possible and emerges. From there we can also start to act towards our own more harmonious puzzle and a greater balance. ♥ // Liselotte

Veins filled with a survival blood

Photo credit: David Tipling


You strong one, fighting for everyone and feeding the hungry. Take me to your river and let me drink the water next to you. Let me see the mirror of strength. Let me follow your path through the deep forests with no fears. You, who are alive to thrive, you see far over the broad landscape, through the dust of the earth and the clouds that are bowing over the tip of your favorite mountain. In your sky you also see the sun and moon dancing with each other, not being separate, and also equally strong. This farsightedness let you discover what exists beyond what is going on, and into a book that is revealing itself page by page.

Wolf-Mother, the one with veins filled with survival blood. With a love for those who dare to walk with you, side by side, in their own mission. You roar if anyone crosses your boundaries, or try to make you weaker than you are. I see that colorful wind you are made of. It shapes your choices. The way you look at things. It may seem like no one are so adaptable as you. But that is a part of you being a shapeshifter, transforming as you go. You know every tree, every field, every fire, every lake – and navigate from this life path, from earth gifts, and from the stars. You let them shine in your eye-sight, while finding life force and earthly nutrition. It’s a wild combination, for a wild mother.

The instinct is your drive that pushes you forward. When the autumn leaves now are falling to the ground, you are making room for the new fresh air to activate your senses. The soul urges you to get to know even one more valley, one more meadow, one more cave, or one more river. Wolf-Mother. How can this be so natural for you by know? You are doing it within life itself, not as an extraordinary story.

The farsightedness and instincts are almost ahead of you sometimes though. That can make you feel tired, knowing that you still have to walk the road to get there. But you have learned the gift of feeling satisfied, of not feeling hungry anymore, and to just be in the knowing of a Wolf-Mothers heart. ♥

// Liselotte Sunoya Johansson

Fullmoon visions opens your life

Lightness at the sea.

Hi dear readers. I was at the seashore close to Västervik yesterday. And as light as I feel from all the new energies going on in my life, I also feel so much joy over what happens in a broader perspective in our world. How amazing it is that You are here right now to be part of this, present and engaging in your way. I truly feel an increasing sense of community and co-creating energy over the planet as we fully step into a new era. During this fullmoon and the rest of August, we can also see things much clearer than usual. Take notice of the inner visions that are piling up in your inner world, talking about a future that will open up your own life. In these visions, you are asked to expand your mind and allow your intuition to guide you. There are no safe grounds doing so, I know, and it can feel a bit scary to let loose. Is it only my thoughts or daydreams? But to allow these visions to come forward is necessary to step into the new lighter you. Your life is about to step up to what your path has been all about all along. It’s not that you haven’t already been on your unique path, it’s just that you now have the chance to let these new light frequencies boost your visions and the gifts you have and let it all be one. The universe is gently but firmly giving you a positive push or a good release for you to be able to step into your visions regarding your future – to let them exist now. Later is not your heart desires at the moment. Your heart has been cultivating and pondering already. Now it’s time to let it out. Speak from your heart. Let your burden go. Let the love in. Let yourself be part of the worlds co-creating abundant love and light. ♥

Take some time to meditate or just sit in peace with yourself. Feel love in your heart and let it expand in your whole body and out to your surrounding. Be present in this feeling and be aware of the present. Let your inner visions arise to the surface. New or old ones, that you perhaps haven’t listened to yet. Now is the time to let yourself be guided by them. Yes, they are true. They are there for a reason. Trust them and the hand of the universe will reach out to you. ♥ // Liselotte

August energy is a start-up

August in Swedish forest

I am a person with endless creativity… This late summer days in Sweden are so beautiful and I am working on one of my writing projects. I feel so happy doing it, but unfortunately I can sit and for hours, forgetting to take breaks and move around. When I got out the other day, it was late afternoon and the evening started to speak softly in my ear. Almost like a fairy was swinging her vibrant wings in my face, pulling me out and inspired my body to move. ♥

This amazing energies in august are truly rising our energy, and it happens in a flowing rhythm. We are being uploaded and opened to a higher level of consciousness, that springs from our hearts. ♥ It will be harder and harder NOT to live in honesty with ourselves. To not speak our truth, and follow the passionate light energy from the soul. It will appear as a combination of going within and bringing something out, in a very flowing circulating rhythm. If we are not allowing this circulation, a stagnation will no longer “just” be a stagnation. It could create a spiral in the wrong/opposite direction. The circulation is a fact and it wants to move – it is up to us in what direction we steer it. The key is to listen within and bring out the energy from a heart level, whatever you decide you do. Be happy over this amazing opportunity! Meditate a bit more than usual, connect with nature and be aware of your choices. ♥

I have a feeling that this autumn will not be very still or play out like a preparation for the wintertime ahead. It looks a lot more like the inspired and fiery spring season for many of you. The energy being created now will have longterm effects, so whatever you feel urged to bring forward – get your heart into it. Let it be part of the process of what you would like to change, create or communicate. And if you have a special treasure in your heart that you carry around by yourself, it might be time to show this to the world or the people around you. The energy from your heart are endless abundant and can truly create miracles. ♥ // Liselotte