To heal a shock



Shock can cause a type of paralysis in various chakras that cause the energies to “freeze” or partially solidify. If you look energetically at what it looks like, the energy does not flow as it should in different places and all the chakras have a harder time communicating with each other and letting the energy flow. It usually looks a little different in intensity if it is an old unprocessed shock that lies beneath the surface or if it is a newly experienced shock.

The energy impact that a person can experience after a shock, is some form of energy loss and a certain internal shutdown. It can also feel like you are starting to survive instead of living. The ability to feel and think clearly can feel different, all while the trauma feelings are recurring, with less intensity and intervals after a certain time. The very feeling of being “out of touch” with oneself comes from the inner stagnation that has taken place, and means that one does not always have contact with all of one’s inner tools. It can be similar to a muscle that gets stuck in a cramp and gets less oxygen. But wait – this is only temporary. There are always solutions.


A shock can feel like being without a lifeline, without a life jacket, and without a feeling of having something to hold on to. The ground you stand on opens a large hole.

The way out of shock and to heal a trauma that has arisen in just that way, needs emotional security and perspective. Security is given in the form of continuous attention to the love within, to the cradle of life and soul. To the cradle where you always know you’re being held. It is also given by promoting exercises that fill the energy system with circulation and new space where it feels stagnant. All to bring in more of the flow of light where it has previously been restricted.

Highlighting a new perspective on life’s great puzzles and their possibilities, and thereby paving the way for new paths of thought, also helps not to get caught up in the same thoughts over and over again. The state that “froze” the energy within one or more chakras, can thus be dissolved with new awareness and to allow oneself to FEEL, in order to also be able to GIVE what one needs to oneself. The shock is reduced and healed with new bright energies, new learning, and emotional security.

Remember that even if the internal connections and bridges that previously existed feel burned, new paths in both the nervous system, emotions and consciousness can always be built up and create new fantastic bridges inside. Maybe even stronger than before. It is actually the case that your soul is always in the creation of its energy and wants to self-heal everything in our everyday life. Basically, you are already WHOLE and an absolutely amazing soul who wander here and now in this life. Everything you ever need to live this life will never go away. ♥♥♥

Lis Sunoya & The Light team

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