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The center of deep emotions, healing, harmony, soul connection and light – is expanding its well of wisdom. The awakened heart is here to ensure, to lift the veil, and to raise the vibration. It is that kind of love for life itself that originates from the deepest roots, from the ancestors who know all about human history, and from the benevolent evolved galactic families who recognize what we are going through on earth right now. They are here to help us see the higher timeline. They say that humans are so used to repeating patterns, and that this turns off the ability to grow, evolve and feel their own strength. They are asking us to see through the repeated patterns of society.

Human’s empathy of the most sacred gift of all, is rising through the mist. It’s like a bear mother echoing her roar through the land of the pulsating heart, ready to expand. Some might be scared by this energy, some will see things more clearly from it, and some will join in. To protect what has sprung from the heart in humans, the children who are the more evolved souls, have come together on earth as newborn star troops from a higher realm to spread their light. Remember how new life starts, the heart says. Remember the purity and what life is all about. Life creation is the most natural form of source expression. The soul screams when the wings of a pure, already perfect life form get their wings altered.

Everything is alright though, in the now and in the perspective of eternity. All shall pass as a terrible hurricane, and the dust will settle. Eventually, different timelines melt together more and create a stable new main one for the future. No one who is meant to stay on earth, will be left behind. The collective energy does rise above those who do not see, above those who are controlling, or are being controlled. It rises above those who are trying to repeat history and worse. Soon the visible tipping point will lead people to a more mutual understanding of what life is, and isn’t. That will set people free inside, and then the voices of humanity will move everything forward. Guided into the future timeline of hope, joy, love, higher consciousness, abundance and freedom. Feel it. Learn to navigate in the dark. It is touchable through your senses. Be who you ARE. That is your compass through the stage of mist and will lead you through your portal.

Lis Sunoya – The Light Administrator, The Andromedan’s & The Earth Wisdom Keepers – For The New Golden Age. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

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