Month by month for a period of time, new light updates are going on in our energy body and physical body. Spiritually and physically, we are ascending to higher, finer and faster-vibrating energies, and thereby new ways of living our lives. The Sun, the Central Sun, and the Futon Belt near the Pleiades are now also helping to create our new age. These are strong forces and it can be felt in many ways depending on what we need to let go of within ourselves. But it is a long-awaited time.

Dormant DNA is brought to life, which will give us new gifts that we actually carried within all the time. Our level of consciousness will be raised, which expands the way we think, our perspectives, our intuitive ability, etc. Our chakras are undergoing a major change in frequencies and colors. Something I clearly saw in my own body when I meditate. A clearer world within us and outside us is born. At exactly the pace that is meant for the individual and the collective.

In August, (date will be announced soon!) I will arrange a GUIDED MEDITATION and do a LIVE CHANNELING that helps in our processes. Warmly welcome to participate!

Register via the link below. Feel free to invite your friends to this magical moment! 🌞💖🌞

Lis Sunoya

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