The human guilt


Healing of human guilt, the release of karma and the great rebirth.

Does this healing occur via insights and through a reconciliation within us? Of own internal parts that begin to communicate with each other?

A major healing process that many people go through and cleanse in this life is guilt. For example, the feeling of not doing enough and being good enough as you are, an existential debt in life, not believing you have the right to choose or set limits, or for example the belief that life punishes us through our actions due to some form of pre-programmed sense of guilt we carry. Has the concept of karma even arisen and been sustained on earth only because of our collective sense of guilt here? And how much has society at large contributed to this?

If we look at the karma that belongs to a three-dimensional world, and that ends many cycles for people on earth right now, then it is precisely the feeling and the energy of guilt in various forms from all the lives we have, which puffs out like steam through our pores. Don’t inhale that steam, release it. If we continue to affirm our feeling of life guilt, then the cycles of karma also repeat themselves. They are like superglue, which can only be amputated with the help of a higher awareness and new life choices.

Sometimes guilt drives people a whole life, which with a rough voice controls our inner communication with all our parts. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual part. Guilt chases or holds back, and can produce a tireless judgment within us, or hinder us in various choice situations. Do we have a right to life itself? Do we have the right to stop demanding so much from us?

The freedom that comes from healed guilt is amazing. It does not mean irresponsibility, but a deepening of the close deep relationship between ourselves and our inner selves. As an inner expansion of joy where permission to our own inner voice is allowed to exist. We reconcile with ourselves. Embracing us. Lifts us, above what has been imposed on us by the premade structure that others have created for us, via the people we have had in our lives or from society as a whole.

Start communicating with your inner performance, your demands on yourself and your sense of guilt. What are they driven by? When did they arise? Can you allow yourself to let it go? Can you do it now? Can you feel that it is actually okay to trust yourself and your own choices based on your inner reconciliation? That you don’t have to bear the blame for other people’s choices in their lives? Neither those around you now, nor from generations back.

Can you feel that you can be reborn within yourself, as a free person?

Lis Sunoya

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