Channeling july 2022


Integrate your higher consciousness into the physical body.

“Dear friends. We would like to start talking about your physical body. The ‘shield’ and cup of life that you carry, which protects your energy in a physical existence. Yes, we would like to help you see the body as a kind of protection now – not as a burden. A body that carries you, that moves you forward, that pulsates, that circulates. We see that many are out of touch with their physical body and want to transform beyond it into a higher reality without a body. We are here to say that the change in the world that you are going through is THROUGH your bodies, not outside or without it. For a long time, mankind has had a broken relationship with its physical body. With the complaint or concern about what it cannot handle, how it is shaped or how it works. Now, with awareness of crystal-driven cells and their development, it is sometimes forgotten that you still do not always have a good relationship with your physical body. Then it becomes more difficult and painful to transform, and more physical ailments, fatigue and pains occur in a transition to the crystal energy that the cells want to adopt.

Don’t rush this. Take the loving time needed to listen to your body along with your spiritual energy. Your missions on Earth will manifest in harmony with how well you are INTEGRATED into your reality. Don’t run away, don’t let it go too fast, and embrace your physique. Both the surface of the earth, its interior, its force field and your physical bodies with its force field. Everything happens in harmony and understanding with the higher consciousness that both the earth has, and your own.

We believe that many still need to listen more to the body, to the heart and the voice of the higher consciousness and to the signals sent THROUGH the body. In the end, your bodies will be more enlightened, and by that, we mean both in their intelligence, function and appearance. But the way there is by listening, joining body and soul energy, and lifting by rejuvenating yourself in the physical version of yourself through awareness. Precisely for this purpose, it has very little to do with exercise and food, although it provides other positive effects, healing and strength. It has to do with your consciousness becoming integrated into your physical body. As your DNA changes, generations will change on Earth and the new souls that will live in the new world can then be born into these new bodies. It happens step by step. Both from the earthly perspective and from the spiritual.

How can you do this, you might ask? Feel free to tune in daily in and to your physical body. Our channel (Liselotte) has for a few years received new frequencies that help the process of uniting and strengthening contact with the physical body and changing it. Those frequencies look light blue and light green to you, but sometimes also light pink. The white energy is also always present. Open up to those frequencies and receive them into the cells. Also listen to what burdens your physical body, or what it wants to signal to you. Your higher consciousnesses can be heard both with words, with feelings and felt in your physical bodies. You cannot deny this existence or skip this step to have an easier life.

The Earth thanks you for listening. She gives you love every day. Take advantage of that concern by taking advantage of your “earth”, your physical existence, in everything you live. And we don’t give you regulations. Only humans do that sometimes. We bring peace to your lives and wish the body to experience the highest form of peace. And how that peace is achieved is different. As all your tensions release, as your higher consciousness and its energy integrate, and as life flows through your cells, everything changes… Also take care of your physical hearts. They are the gateway to blessings beyond what you are used to. Within you everything exists.”

Liselotte, Council of Seven & The Earth Wisdom Keepers – For The New Golden Era

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