Channeling sep 2022


A mirror hall of blissful infinities…

See tomorrow as today’s light and success. Sometimes humanity moves away from its own development by not being present in the daily transformation that natural life always wishes to exist as. Your energy and its change are as natural as the Earth’s. See and feel it within you. Do not escape into various stages that take you away from the presence required for a steady transformation of your life, no matter what plane it is on right now. The step towards total liberation of the earth, as well as the importance of different parts and geographical locations of the earth, and its capacity for expansion right now, is enormous. Through it, man’s perception of his own importance in the creation of the universe also shifts. Consider how cells begin to divide to create life…

You humans who have walked many lifetimes on Earth and elsewhere in our shared multiverse know within you that nothing that possesses life ever ceases to exist. That everything circulates, reshapes, creates, flows, divides, and expands. It is only through the persistence of focus in consciousness that man believes that permanence exists. Why doubt that the world cannot change? Why direct a constant focus on stagnation? That your perception of disaster and/or retained trauma is so deeply inherited is one of the factors why the entrapment of endless cycles of grief, war, contradictions, arguments and anxiety occurs. Everyone who sees that the world does not only consist of disaster – but, for example, that happiness also exists – has in that view been given a choice. Because you see. You can choose to continue to sprout and give life to disaster, sadness, hopelessness and trauma, and create that reality. Or you can choose to grow more of the lucky root that the inside consists of.

Nothing needs to be permanent, more than what you yourself decide that you want stability and permanence throughout your life in. So, choose consciously within yourselves. With love in your hearts. Not with hate, not with fear and not with disaster as a guide. Possible disaster is primeval teachings, which were later exploited, and where humanity has then been put into a trance. In a trance to insure themselves, to anticipate danger, the need to hunt, to use substitutes, and to distract oneself away from life itself. Do you see it? And what happens to your soul light and life energy, in the human belief in the weakness of your inner power?

How do you overcome today’s clear boundary now, where the trance of danger and distractions is to be replaced with trust, courage and abundance on earth? How do you avoid creating a new cycle, personally and in the collective, where the quality of life is based on all external circumstances and happenings? How does the new master energy get integrated within you where you fully choose higher frequencies in your daily lives? Look at your personal lives and ask that question. There are many distractions that can create a pitfall. So ask yourself again and again. Don’t give up on life. About your personal dream. About love. About being allowed to exist through your inner glow. Don’t give up on the most beautiful thing you are part of – creation itself. It is the purest light you can experience. Like a mirror hall of blissful infinities. Seen from your inner self. Experienced by you as a human being – right now.

Liselotte, Council of Seven & The Earth Wisdom Keepers – For The New Golden Era

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