Hi dear friends of light! It was a while ago since I published a channeling here. Much has happened lately, and today my light guides wanted to speak to you all. I hand over the communication entirely to them, to see what they have to say. Be well in all that you are.

”Dear friends on earth. In your dimension, the energy shifts a lot right now. From one thing to another, from one perspective to another, from one dimension to another. We see your longing to stabilize the new age, the overflowing era on earth. That time comes, and are here even now. When you see through other eyes than those who has been trained to see short term or short distance and instead see in big perspectives, everything will come to you immediately. It may feel contradictory, to let go of the short term views, for everything to be able to come to you now. But that is how the multidimensional world works, the one you are born to be, the one your souls shine.

Let that part of you come forward, that part where you are magical masters over your energy and your world. You and no one else controls that. You create life on earth. You are the masters. Go into the authentic identity. Many times in life you are being tested to be authentic. To trust your intuition, and not let “the ego” push its own survival plan. To show what deep within feels right. To show emotions from a grounded soulful foundation where no trigger symptoms are being shown. There are many examples. What we want to bring forward in your hearts through the authentic energy is, that when life’s identity dares to be peeled off, there is only one energy, the true one. That is an energy many are afraid of getting in contact with, fully. Mankind still fights with the image of how they should be, instead of creating their own life out of the pure true energy.

Regarding the crimes that have happened all over the earth, we would like to say, that justice will arise. Faster than even the ego would like to, when you stop see short-term and see larger perspectives and live in the now. Everything happens in the now, so is the energy that wishes justice of its spiritual power. We come with the light, the hope, and the love. We come with golden footprints for you to wander in. They are ready for you, to feel the safety in this era that lift your lives to the next level. In cooperation with each other, you will build new societies out of the core and consciousness of the earth. To live in harmony and balance, you need to be connected with mother earth’s consciousness. It is through her that the planet’s heart and your hearts can live free. It is through her the compassion and nutrition of life are being born in a new form. Believe not, that you are going back to any old way of living. You will innovate the world and how you live with the soul with the energy of mother earth’s heart. Through this energy right choices will be born, through that the rhythm within you will change, stress-related diseases will end, and you will find your creativity as it is meant to be. It will bring you further in common collaborations in different projects over the earth, in her heart energy.

What we also would like to advise you about right now, is to be a bit careful with your longing. It can take you away from the magic in the now. Discover what is happening now, who you are now, what life is saying now, what the animals show now, what the ocean wants you to discover, what the wind whisper through the trees. The branches in your own tree, the tree of life, are ready to absorb life and let the flow expand. Not any other moment on earth is greater as now, as great as ever. Understand how comprehensive that energy is, and what is possible when you let go and step into the trunk of the tree. The tree of life is not a place, it is the energy within you. And it is being developed now.

Have you seen or felt how this want to sparkle like fireworks inside? Have you felt the power that wants out? Don’t turn it against yourself, don’t close it inside. It is then it creates frustration, overload that creates tiredness, skin problems, restlessness. Live in the flow of the energy, in the balance, in the abundance, in the power. It leads you further now. Your development are BIG. But the difference between people is also big. Some jump happily over what can look like a scary cliff, and land nicely on the other side. Some jump despite a heavy rucksack. Some don’t know that they need to jump to be able to leave the old world. Not yet. Don’t be sad over differences. Be in harmony, and when the now will be reinforced with everyone, everyone who has the “strength”, will jump. Those who haven’t will continue to live their summery of life and be happy with that. So, do not be sad over the few who don’t choose the new times energy. We say “strength”, because it sums the energy more than anything else, and doesn’t necessarily have to do with physical health. Every human was born with individual assignments. Do not judge their choice of life, it is right for them, and on a spiritual level, it springs from the light too. And sometimes the greatest insight and jumps happen right at the moment of death, when a person dies, and everything will then be completed. In the new dimension, karma will not continue, you will then live more direct in your power. So the idea of life lessons will be toned out. During a couple of generations, there will still be necessary to do healing work of the effect of the old world, during the transition and when the multidimensional experience of life is being developed.

May you live with peace in your mind, and love in your whole being.”

♥ Lis Sunoya & The Golden Light Administrator & The Council of Seven

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