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Well, that is a subject! What is magic?

When I think of magic, it includes a lot of things. When I look at a newly born little bumblebee land at a flower, knowing exactly what to do, isn’t that magical… Every time I pass a lake at my walks and see the forest mirror itself in the clear and still water surface, I just feel amazed. I feel magical when my body heals from something, and knowing that if we listen, it will show or tell us what it needs.

I see the magic when the sky shows me signs in the form of a cloud, or when I hear a song being played on the radio with lyrics that fit just perfect right then. I feel it is magic going on when I meet my clients and interact with them in a combined purpose to heal or open up a new path in mind and life. When my spiritual light guides talk to me. I see magic all around when people hug and love each other.

In springtime, it is really magical to see how nature every year knows exactly what to do, and burst out into abundant life. Or in the autumn, when it knows how to rest and follow the natural chi of life. Have you zoomed in a leaf and looked at the structure? Or have you read about how the trees communicate with each other with their big root system, signaling and helping with nourishment or water to one another? It is so much going on that is amazing- right in front of us – for us to discover.

We all belong, energetically, through our souls, and we want to build bridges in the world… We can help each other as a whole by developing as humans, and being in contact with our inner source and our Golden Hearts. Think about it. Our souls are humans’ roots. And if we tune in to this network of experience and wisdom, we can strengthen that abundant power of natural flowing energy, and connect with each other in a totally new or deeper way. Yes, it is magic.

Mother earth is magical. She is the warm embrace of wisdom and love. If we listen, her voice is very clear and can help every incarnated soul in how to live on earth. She can tell how to heal traumas, how to be patient, how to be in the now, how to grow, let go, trust your instinct and so much more.

If you haven’t thought about everything that actually works very well in life, in your body, in nature, at the earth before – think about it. It is truly magical. ♥ Be well! ♥♥♥ /Liselotte

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