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The photo was taken while in France 2018

Have you ever felt or thought that: “I have tried and I must probably accept now that it does not always turn out the way I want? Life is still pretty good…”

You’re not alone! It is one of the most common thought patterns that can occur in life, after perhaps years of struggling with something. It can apply to everything, such as work, relationships, interests, personal development, health, etc. The resignation finally creeps in, lowers your energy level, and makes itself completely uninvited at home within you, and no longer intends to give way to the forward-thinking dreamer within you. But, be calm – there is usually one or more solutions to this. It’s just a matter of finding what it is that perhaps makes you to never take that very last step needed to overcome it.

Here are 7 tips for you that you can think about if there is something you have not done and want to do to create the life that is warm in your heart or that repeatedly keep reminding you inside…♥

  • Some people who want to change their lives, do it a little half-heartedly. What do I mean by that? Yes, that you think that you would like to do something, you talk about it sometimes, but do nothing or very little about it. Half-hearted attempts can be to try a little, but to back off when resistance is experienced, in itself, from the environment or in a situation. You may not know how to do something, and instead of researching more or getting help, you lose hope or think that it is probably not that important… Ex: “I’ll be fine anyway”. “I have to be satisfied like this.” “I’m so old anyway.” “It’s probably just me who thinks like this.” “It would never work.” “What would others say?”
  • Trust. Have confidence in life and yourself. You feel like you do for a reason, and it’s worth investigating and be taken seriously. It is about respect for who you are as a person and self-love. You often grow as a person for every obstacle you overcome, so have confidence in your own process, regardless of the pace of it. Accept the uncertainty, but trust in what you feel, and take steps forward.
  • Fears. Often you do not start a change or go through with it fully, because the fear of how the result will be is too big. What if? Fear often causes us to paint pictures in our minds that are not true at all. Distinguish between what your fears are, and what your spiritual soul voice says. Sometimes you need to dare to jump without seeing the whole picture. As long as you implement your change responsibly, fears are there to be overcome, not be controlled by. They are not your true self. In your soul there is a lot of zest for life, joy and inspiration that wants to be expressed here on earth. Dare to open that door more.
  • “I feel like I want to do something, but do not know what?” Some of you may recognize that? And some of you may have let that phase stop your entire personal journey. Because it is only a step, which can develop into inner knowledge if you listen inwardly to yourself. We have often been so used to solving questions through our mental capacity, and by sharing our thoughts with the outside world, instead of feeling the answer. The answer to what exactly you need and wish is in there, in your heart.
  • Expectations. There is often an obstacle to get over here. To release guilt, shame or expectations from the environment and/or society. Try to strengthen the relationship with yourself in a loving way. Give yourself permission to first dream, wish and listen to your needs. Then take it step by step towards it. If you feel that you are doing what you need out of love, then it will feel easier.
  • Act. Just wanting a change is not always the best solution. Even if you use the law of attraction and the energy field of quantum physics. When your dream, the wish and desire to change something is in place within you – by both seeing and feeling what it would feel like to do it or be in that situation, you need to start to act. Show the universe and life exactly which path you want to take. Ex: Participate in what you need, finish something to be able to start something else, contact people you think can help you, tell the environment, study what you need, book what you need, etc. Show that you are already in the energy timeline of what you want and act in that direction.
  • Repetition and healing. In some cases, things need to be repeated for you to get where you want to go. I meet many in my coaching work who is about to give up their business idea, because it has not led them where they want. Or that money has not come in to be able to experience something, to be able to live in a new way, etc. Do not give up. The key here is to continue… You have NOT felt wrong in what you want. Your soul and spiritual guides always speak to you for a reason. You just have not found the tool yet, overcome your inner obstacles to get the “click” inside you. Give yourself praise along the way, celebrate small and big steps and take charge. Your will and belief in yourself is crucial. If not before, it is also in this phase that old programmed patterns often make themselves known. They can be both conscious or subconscious. Ex. That you have become accustomed from childhood that things are in a certain way, learned to live in a certain way, are treated in a certain way, and these are the frameworks you then have for your own adult life. It can be about how you want to be loved, finances, life situations, the ability to trust yourself, the individual gifts you have, and more. You can either work with those patterns yourself to dissolve them or get help from someone else. But trusting what you feel is important for you in life for it to change. ♥

Lis Sunoya & The Light Team

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