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Amazings in a photo from France

Lunch time in Antibes, october 2018.

Hi there! ♥ This is a photo I took when I was in France earlier this year and last year and there are several “amazings” going on here… I sat down at a restaurant to eat in Antibes, and saw this woman walking by. I quickly used my mobile phone, to capture her and I just think it’s amazing… She just had such grace while crossing the little square. I wish it was a video clip. But that’s not all. At the same time, a couple happened to hug and also got caught in the photo. And, what I didn’t saw in the picture at first, was yet another dimension to it. Behind the couple, up on the wall, you can see a small statue. That statue is actually a couple hugging or holding each other too. ♥ How much love can happen to appear in a photo? ☺

I just loved the narrow streets or on walking paths. So many beautiful details to see.

So, if we look at this, it kind of delivers several different dimensions of what we see. At first glimpse we might see the woman on the square, then we discover the couple hugging, and IF we look very closely we might see the statue behind them. Just like in real life. We can choose to see the big picture when we need or want to, and we can choose to look into details if we like. Right now, I have a broad perspective on many things in life, because I am very good at looking into details – too much sometimes. So I am learning to let go earlier in different projects or situations, to be able to move forward with what I do. To trust the process of things more. Sometimes it needs the liberty to solve itself along the way, otherwise it might never start. It is a freeing feeling and invites so much ease! Are you good at going with the flow in life, or are you getting stuck in smaller perspectives or details too often? Is this allowing your life to live? ♥ // Liselotte

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