Worry diminish you


Hi dear reader, I felt the need to write about a big subject today – WORRY. In a society where fear and worry many times are in control, it creates a collective effect of not being safe. On an individual level that means, the reality is being created out of the need of feeling safe and to reduce fear. Overall, fear are holding back our natural ability to think clearly, to create our own lives, to follow our gut feeling, the intuition and to live a life with a base of love. ♥

In the energy and “base station” love, there is automatically safety, trust, creativity, joy and openness. Safety built on fear on the other hand is not a true safety, but is a limiting energy and reduction of your soul power and life on earth. It activates resistance both between the soul and the body, and between your life and the world around you. Worry/fear/anxiety hinders the natural flows from the heart, to instead reduce the creativity, increases your stress, weakens the immune system, holds back your most inner wishes and more. Experienced safety through being in our truthful existence on the other hand, is a safety that allows expansion and development, makes us creative, powerful and are free from programmings, your own and others.

It is healthy to question when others are trying to create fear to control from where our inner safety should come from. It hinders your life journey and the development on earth. A development that is supposed to be led forward. No one in the entire world can replace that inner feeling of safety and the natural ability you have to feel that. Your soul is a free and safe energy. It is only temporary solutions to maintain the ”fake” safety, which has been building up within the individual or/and in the collective consciousness.

When something is rocking and shakes your falsely structured safety build on fear, take one step back and look at the whole picture. What is happening from a higher perspective and what part you have. One step back sometimes means forward, into yourself and into real safety. From that contact you can continue to create a life with a foundation of trust and joy. Worry can’t exist from that foundation. Always know that different kinds of worry are or have been created from outside – from others, old experiences, programmings of how we “should” think and react, and from the feeling and belief of lack of belonging. In the soul, fear doesn’t exist, which means that it is not part of your natural condition. You are not fear, your soul can’t either create it or let itself be controlled by it – it is added from outside of you to your personality.

Then do you understand what an enormous power and energy you have? Have you felt it? Is it the energy you nourish? When something is ”in your face” and feels like an energy of worry, you have the ability to turn that feeling around and create a life from a totally different source. To heal old patterns and experiences. To live with an awake and truthful eye and see through everything and choose differently. To change, but not because of fear, but thanks to love, in an honest treatment of yourself and the world around you. Because we know that we are on our way to something different, something far more beautiful and stronger than what the world is mirroring today. It is about time for a turnaround of our collective consciousness, and the responsibility lays within each and everyone and what we contribute with. ♥

// Lis Sunoya

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