Catch an energy thief

To Catch a Thief – is that possible?

View of the cliff in Saint Jeannet France, that are in a scen from the movie “To Catch a Thief” by Alfred Hitchcock.

One common concept that I get to hear a lot in my spiritual work and life, is that we from now and then can surround ourselves with energy thieves. With that means people who for various reasons effects our energy when we meet them or talk to them over the phone. They effect us in a way so that we feel drained, tired or for example depressed. Maybe we even think that they are bad persons to make you feel this way. But is that true?

Imagine a scene where you meet such a person, that makes you tired, exhausted or in a bad mood. Maybe you have that kind of person in your life right now? You can even feel BEFORE you meet this person that this meeting or talk on the phone you are about to have, will make you feel bad in some way, or at least get you tired. And during the actual meeting or conversation, you notice how the other person’s drama or problem absorbs you, how you get affected by their personality or the need they have. You might also feel that you can’t stop whatever happens and just allow it to continue, conscious or unconsciously. Maybe you think like this: she/he needs me, it’s not the right moment to say no now, we can focus on this now and next time it will be focus on me too, hers/his problem are much larger than mine so therefore it is more important that I listen and help out. Afterward, an unavoidable void has occurred inside, and you wonder – what happened? I feel so tired/irritated/down/confused…

If we back to the start. Already when you felt an uncomfortable feeling in your gut, where you know you will get drained by the meeting or the conversation. Who decides to go against that feeling? Who decides to ignore that today, you are not going to feel good from this? Later on at the actual meeting with the energy thief as we call them, who disregard their own needs? Who explains this away? Who sets the value on the experience? You get what I mean. It is ourselves that is allowing it to happen, who don’t listen to us, who don’t stop something that doesn’t feel good, when we feel taken advantage of, or simply just get to of a high load when we really don’t have the energy to receive more, how much we still would like to help. ♥

The spiritual lightguides says this about the subject: *** This is very interesting for us to see, how the energy exchange come about between humans and what you describe. We see this happen in streaks of light, in mist, in unclearness, in sharpness, in a thorny way, in heaviness. The energy moves to where it fits and fills a purpose, with the one who receives this form of energy from someone else. If a human can receive an other humans “low energy” that stays on, this means that there is room for it and there is a purpose for it to do so. Otherwise you would not be able to receive. If there already is an energy leakage with the receiver within any subject where this frequency fits, that energy is wakened to life, despite what that is. Do you understand? Pay attention to what it is that is awakened, what feeling, what memory, what impulse. Take care of that. Heal it. The concept of energy thieves does not exist for us light guides. There are meetings. There is balance and unbalance. There are a higher purpose and your ability to heal your earthly experiences.*** 

View from Saint Jeannet, France.

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