Puzzle pieces

Putting it all together

At Skanvik outside Västervik

I am feeling so grateful. ♥ A client of mine got in touch and told me how her life totally changed after our meeting. It wasn’t about any revolutionary information that gave that effect, but about the puzzle pieces that were scattered in her life, were put together, got a wholeness and understanding. I thought it was such a nice comparison of our intuitive healing conversation and how it helped her.

When we don’t get our puzzle pieces together in life, we feel shattered, confused and it is hard to listen to our inner being. Our soul always naturally search for wholeness and balance, exactly like our physical body does. The soul and the personality can sometimes strive in different directions though and disruption occurs. What are we going to do then? A good idea could be to start with that one puzzle piece that stands out in the crowd. Focus on what feels the strongest, what occupies thoughts and feelings a lot, and that one thing that always keeps coming back inside of you and in your life. Start to be aware of what that wants to tell you.

Västerviks archipelago

To change your life takes courage. But that is something you have. Everyone was born with it and possess an endless source of power, light and a strong direction for your journey here on earth. When we direct our conscious intention towards solution and development, we are invited to possibilities. We get released from our stagnation and the feeling of change is possible and emerges. From there we can also start to act towards our own more harmonious puzzle and a greater balance. ♥ // Liselotte

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