Intuitive Healing

Healing is a wonderful way to release tension, stress, emotional issues, and to dissolve old blockages you carry that exist of a lower vibration than your soul’s true power, and hinders you from living a more authentic joyful life in love.   

Through healing, insights and higher perspectives emerge and your own soul energy gets more space within for it’s expression when the healing occurs. It is a method to energetically dissolve whatever effect life and hinder the soul from living it’s purpose on earth. Disruptions in our energy field can also lead to physical problems if we carry them to long, and also hinder us from living our true potential och achieve what we wish for in life. Energy healing in combination with awareness of the problem and find longterm solutions, dissolves this energy disorders. All is a whole when it comes to body, soul, thoughts, feelings and the life we live, and needs to be treated like a whole. 

After many years as a treating- and coaching holistic therapist, I work very intuitively on an energetic level to search for what blocks your energy or your patterns not to being able to break. The healing can give you new perspectives and a higher sense of purpose and understanding in your everyday life. It helps you let go of things easier, and focus, stay in your own power, get inner ease and feel calm. Above all, every time you go through an increase in your energy frequency, you get an opportunity to live more from flow, joy and love. 

How does it work?

During a healing session we discuss what is your current problem you wish to get help with. Every treatment is very individual and what is ready to be healed will get the opportunity to do so. To reach the core of the problem, several layers can be needed to be healed. 

As a healer, my outlook is also that your soul also has gone through different experiences from other lifetimes/parallel lives. In your energy field around the body “trash” can accumulate, either from this life experience or other life experiences. Whatever, the approach is to heal to higher your level of frequency, to strengthen you, for you to be able to break patterns, feel better, make good choices, and attract more lightness according to your soul’s energy. 

Common experiences during the treatment or after:

For example, you can feel heat currents, cooling, increased circulation, stronger contact with yourself and inner calm. You may during healing come to think of different things, get interior pictures from memories and so on. Afterward, it is not unusual that you have got new insights and tools that you can reflect of at home. Some feel very uplifted and some may feel a little tired. Both are completely normal and depends on how the energies work in your body and aura. The effect of the healing can come immediately, or after a few days or weeks.

One tip is to drink extra water for a few days and take it easy after the treatment. Please go home afterwards to relax, just be and listen inwards on you and what you feel.

The work is operated with the highest confidentiality so anything that comes forward and is being discussed during your session stays safe there. 

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