Inspirations come in many different shapes and form and are different for everybody. It creates ideas, emotions and streams of thoughts that may or may not lead to something else, but are certainly a pure refilling of energy. Sometimes it can lead to set a new goal, or to get the energy and motivation to something that is already in motion. But very often it leads to more joy, reflections or insights about life.
I love to get inspired by others or the surroundings I’m in. Art, photographs, nature, people doing certain things, places around the world, music, the wisdom of the animals. The inspirations always say something to me and make “sounds”. It’s almost like a fast growing tree inside.
And when you get inspired by your self, by your own thoughts or something you create, that is an amazing feeling of flow. It’s like the universe flows freely through your being in that state. Nothing hinders, and all you can do is to follow that beautiful stream of lifeforce.
When you need it the most?
To get inspired exactly when you want to, to finish that course, to change that habit, or to continue to write that book. Is that possible, or do we have to wait for the inspiration to come to us? No, I don’t believe so. It’s a circle of energy we are in if we lack inspiration in life or for a project. But hey, it’s only temporary. Maybe you have been thinking in the same way for to long? Or been to stubborn? Negative? Or have been neglecting your wellbeing and actually are tired? Whatever it is, get out of your own way. Rest if you need to, clean your schedule, or change your environment for a while. Be open in your heart and check with your self if you are in a RECEIVING MOOD.
Sometimes you need new motivation, to reach a goal or to enjoy life more. To start a new spiral of energy and inspiration is a freeing process. Were you ALLOW things to come to YOU. And the inspiration can actually come from anything. Free yourself from as many inner tensions as possible, both emotionally and physically. Take a walk. Book a trip. Visit a friend. Experience the now. Be kind to yourself. Expand your horizon. Then see things with new eyeglasses. Inspiration often comes when you clear your mind or expectations. In that state, you are in openness to receive. And that is an adventure!

I hope something will inspire you today!