A session of intuitive guidance with me is carried out with the aim to help and inspire. I work with a focus on finding solutions and help you see what your options are in the now. I am clairvoyant and clairaudient which makes me hear guiding words, see energy fields and receive inner images. Even moments of pure channelling of my spiritual light guides can occur during a session. 
You will get help with what you are best to focus on right now in terms of your life as a whole, the question you have, or a certain situation. A session can open up for you to see things from a broader perspective. It will help you clarify your thoughts and feelings and give you more ease and strength. It is not unusual for energy healing to also happen during our time together.

For what can you seek help and guidance?

It can be for assistance in any of your daily affairs. Relationships, work, moving, finances, emotional understanding, health, inspiration, help to ensure choices, support to your own intuition, spirituality, soul journey, clarity within the personal development, business counselling etc.
The work is done with professional confidentiality, and everything discussed during your time are staying safely there.


I look forward to connecting with you!

/ Liselotte